The Science of Marketing

Marketing is increasingly being taken to task to show bottom line results. In this seminar we introduce recent advances in marketing science (i.e. neuro, embodied, and cognitive science). These advances provide at time surprising insights into the minds of consumers that will enable marketers to optimize innovation, communication and strategic branding and thus the bottom line.

Mandag, 9 december, 2013 - 15:45 to 18:00


The Department of Marketing, CBS (with the Center for Decision Neuroscience at the Department of Marketing and Innovationsnetværket), sponsors a two-hour briefing on recent scientific insights in marketing.

With new technological advances marketing research is in a prime position to provide cutting-edge consumer insights that impact top strategic business decisions.

Lowe's Marketing Innovation Prize. In collaboration with Lowe's Home Improvement, one of the world's leading retail companies and  a driving force in marketing innovation, the Department of Marketing is introducing the Lowe's Marketing Innovation Prize.


Introduction (15-20 min)

Professor Torsten Ringberg, Marketing CBS. An overview of recent Consumer Science approaches and insights.

Neuroscience (40-45 min)

Thomas Ramsøy, Director of Center for Decision Neuroscience, Department of Marketing CBS. From Neuroscience to Consumer Insights - how the combination of neuroscience and technology changes the face of marketing and business.

Applied Neuroscience (40-45 min)

Kyle Nel, Director of Lowes Innovation Lab - one of the biggest innovation labs in the world. Innovation in Marketing: Neuroscience, augmented reality and big data put to use.

Questions and Answers (10-15 min).

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