Dr. Georgios Halkias´ work is one of the most widely read papers in JCP (Journal of Consumer Psychology)


Journal of Consumer Psychology

Georgios Halkias’ recent work (coauthored with Benedikt Schnurr) published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, has stood out as one of the journal’s most widely read papers (among work of similar age) and has been acknowledged by the Society of Consumer Psychology. This achievement is a testament to the recognition and celebration of Georgios’ work within the community. Congratulations!


The paper investigates whether the gender of the producer influences consumers’ purchase decisions. Through multiple studies the results show that female consumers have strong preferences for products made by women (vs. men), while male consumers remain neutral to the producer’s gender. This pattern is attributed to differences in action efficacy beliefs suggesting that female, compared to male, consumers more strongly believe that buying products made by women can contribute to restoring gender equality in business. The findings suggest that people’s belief about whether a particular action can resolve social inequalities depends on social group membership. These insights can help sellers optimize their targeting strategies (especially for handmade products) and guide policymakers in promoting socially responsible behavior.


Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 20/03/2024