PhD defence: Niels le Duc

In order to obtain the PhD degree, Niels le Duc has submitted his thesis entitled: The Resource Commitment of Multinational Enterprise R&D Activities

Fredag, 18 november, 2022 - 14:00 to 16:00

Niels le Duc

The PhD dissertation seeks to analyze the significance of resource commitment to Research and Development (R&D) units of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). More specifically, it pursues three inquires, viz. to uncover the determinants of resource commitment to MNE R&D units, to discern the effects of different resource commitment positions on an R&D unit's access co-location advantages, and to assess the number and nature of an R&D unit’s innovative outputs. The results demonstrate the importance of adopting the resource commitment concept to the study of MNE R&D activities and provide scholars with a better understanding of MNE dispersed R&D behavior.

Primary Supervisor:
Professor with special responsibilities Peter Gammeltoft

Department of International Economics, Government and Business

Copenhagen Business School

Secondary Supervisor:

Professor with special responsibilities Björn Jindra

Department of International Economics, Government and Business

Copenhagen Business School

Assessment Committee:

Professor with special responsibilities Larissa Rabbiosi (Chair)

Department of Strategy and Innovation

Copenhagen Business School

Professor Björn Ambos

Institute of Management & Strategy

University of St. Gallen

Professor Marina Papanastassiou

Department of International Business

University of Leeds Business School


The thesis will be available from

The CBS PhD School will host a reception, which will take place immediately after the defence in Atrium, Kilen.

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CBS PhD School






Copenhagen Business School
2000 Frederiksberg
Room: Ks48


It will also be possible to attend the defence via Microsoft Teams at the following link:


*Please note in connection with the online defence that the microphone and camera of all spectators must be turned off!


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