The role of businesses as agents in regard to migration crises: Current knowledge, and future research for solutions

Round-table debate with Dr. Samentha Goethals, Oxford Brooks Business School

Torsdag, 25 april, 2019 - 12:30 to 14:30

As part of her research visit to CBS April to May 2019, Dr. Samentha Goethals, research fellow at Oxford Brookes Business School, will present her on-going research on the role of responsibilities of businesses as agents and partners in response to migration crises. Dr. Goethals wil share her current research and invite participants to engage with her in a debate on the topic as well as knowledge needs that can be addressed through future research.

The role and responsibility of businesses as agents and partners in response to need to integrate, support and protect refugees in their host countries is emerging as a significant issue in the fields of business and human rights (BHR), and business and development. The private sector is increasingly relied upon as a partner in governance and development approaches to forced displacement, as well as in countering anti-immigration discourses, policies and discriminatory behaviours in organizations. However, there is yet little understanding of the organizational drivers, practices and implications of what could be conceptualized as a turn towards positive corporate human rights responsibility. The roundtable also aims to get ideas and start a conversation with colleagues at CBS and other business and third sector stakeholders in Copenhagen to develop a comparative project to investigate the role and responsibility of British and Danish companies in addressing refugee issues locally and in their supply chains.


12:30-12:40: Welcome (Prof. Karin Buhmann, CBS)
12:40-13:10: Samentha Goethals presents the concept of the collaborative comparative research project “Positive business human rights responsibility? Drivers and organizational practices in contexts of forced migration” that she aims to develop between Oxford Brookes University and Copenhagen Business School.
13:10-13:30: Q&A in regard to the the presentation
13:30-14:20: Debate on the round-table topic and knowledge needs to which future research may contribute
14:20-14:30: Summing up and looking forward (Prof. Karin Buhmann, CBS)

Lunch sandwiches, tea and coffee will be served.

The event is organized and sponsored by two of the current Business in Society platforms at CBS: The Diversity and Difference Platform; and the Inequality Platform.


Copenhagen Business School
Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg
Room DH2V.071

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