PhD defence: Juan José Price Elton

In order to obtain the PhD degree, Juan José Price Elton has submitted his thesis entitled: Efficiency and Productivity Analysis: Two Empirical Applications and a Methodological Contribution

Mandag, 14 marts, 2022 - 10:00 to 12:00


This thesis makes use of parametric and non-parametric approaches from the literature on efficiency and productivity analysis to assess the economic performance of two sectors: the state-recognised museums in Denmark and the urban public transport systems in some Latin American cities. Both sectors are regulated and partly funded by the state, therefore the papers seem to be relevant not only from an academic perspective but also in terms of their policy implications.
Primary Supervisor:

Professor Robin Holt
Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP)
Copenhagen Business School
Secondary Supervisors:

Professor David Throsby
Department of Economics
Macquarie University
Assessment Committee:

Professor Peter Bogetoft (Chair)
Department of Economics
Copenhagen Business School
Professor Christopher O’Donnell
Department of Economics
The University of Queensland
Professor Mette Asmild
Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO)
University of Copenhagen
The thesis will be available from

Organised by CBS PhD School
Date 14 March 2022
Time 10:00-12:00

The defence takes place via Microsoft Teams at the following link:

*Please note, in connection with the online defence that the microphone and camera of the audience must be turned off!


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