Successful and Less Successful Danish Companies in China

By Mr. Hugo Gaarden

Tirsdag, 13 oktober, 2015 - 16:00 to 17:30

Numerous Danish companies have been successful in China, not only over the last 30 years, but also in a much longer perspective. Why is that? Because they adapted well to Chinese ways of doing business or because they didn’t change their business model much?
Some Danish companies have not been successful in China. Why is that? Lack of understanding the Chinese market, business culture and geographical diversity and failure to read the practise of China’s administrative system?
Does a larger Danish company have a better chance at the Chinese market than a smaller Danish company? Does a Danish entrepreneur have any a chance at the Chinese market? How do Danish companies perform in China compared to American and German companies? Why are some European countries doing a better job in exports to China than Denmark? Shall Danish companies focus on the volume of China’s market – mass production of “good enough” quality – or should Danish companies focus on top quality products?
Do foreign companies need special leadership qualities and strategies when operating at the Chinese market? What is the established international experience in this respect?
IFU (the Danish Investment Funds for Developing Countries) provides capital to Danish companies in China. Is it enough? Should a new fund be established backed by Danish pension funds? What is the trend in the development of China’s economy, trade and overseas investments?
Drawing upon his deep insight into the Chinese market, Hugo Gaarden will address these as well as other issues on China’s economy, trade and overseas investments.
About the Speaker:
Hugo Gaarden is a well-known and respected Danish senior business journalist and writer with a strong focus on international businesses and globalisation. Mr. Gaarden has been posted in a number of countries including 6 6 years in Germany and 7 years in China. Hugo Gaarden has over the years written several books on international business affairs. In 2014, Mr. Gaarden published his latest book (in Danish) “Successful Danish Companies in China. Winners’ Strategies at the World’s Largest Market”
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