Nordic Symposium on CSR

Nordic Centre for Corporate Responsibility (NCCR - is very pleased to invite academics and practitioners to participate in the 1st "Nordic Symposium on CSR" on 14-15 June 2010 at Copenhagen Business School.

Mandag, 14 juni, 2010 - 12:30 to Tirsdag, 15 juni, 2010 - 17:00

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The 1st "Nordic Symposium on CSR" will focus on a number of important issues under the broad umbrella of CSR such as climate change, sustainability and ethics within a Nordic context. The field of CSR is of growing concern for the wider business community, governmental institutions, and civil society in general, and in the Nordic countries a number of initiatives have emerged to stimulate and shape new solutions to global concerns. We like to think that there is something particular about the Nordic approach to CSR. Yet, only little knowledge is systematically generated so far. With the 1st Nordic Symposium on CSR we want to invite scholars from the Nordic region as well as international colleagues with an interest in exploring regional approaches to CSR, to exchange knowledge and ideas and to generate more systematic research on this topic.

The 1st Nordic Symposium invites a broad set of perspectives on CSR, and we in particular take an interest in exploring how CSR serves as a driver of innovation with huge potential in both entrepreneurial and established businesses as several case studies have shown. There is some evidence that Nordic companies may have a competitive advantage here. For example, the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency recently launched a project on how to integrate CSR and innovation to promote responsible growth within the private sector (

The symposium is intended as a first building block for stimulating and gathering existing research and presenting ongoing research happening in this area. In addition to presentations and workshops, the symposium will focus on further establishing a Nordic field of excellence around the CSR and innovation agenda.

NCCR is the result of a Novo Nordisk research grant donated in 2006 by Chairman Mads Øvlisen to explore The Nordic Agenda on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The organicers and partners of the conference

The conference is part of the 'CSR-driven innovation' project which is financially supported by the Nordic Innovation Centre, Region Zealand, TrygVesta, and the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

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