Economic Sanctions on Russia – What Are Companies’ Responsibilities?

Dalgas Have DH.Ø.1.89 (1st floor in the east/turquoise wing)

Mandag, 4 april, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:30

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Western companies have introduced self-imposed sanctions on Russia.

During this event, Sophia Opatska (Vice Rector at Ukrainian Catholic University & Founding Dean of UCU Business School) will discuss why self-imposed economic sanctions can make a difference. She will share first-hand experiences about how economic sanctions by Western companies need to be understood in the larger context of the conflict, and also how Ukrainian businesses are coping with the war.

Andreas Rasche (Professor and Associate Dean at CBS) will then discuss how these sanctions need to be evaluated in light of companies’ ESG and sustainability obligations.

The event will be interactive and based on a discussion with the audience.

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