The Politicization of the Games: China, Human Rights and the Olympics

Guest lecture by Professor Fan Hong

Tirsdag, 13 maj, 2008 - 14:00 to 15:30

Asia Research Centre is happy to invite you to a guest lecture by

Professor Fan Hong

The Politicization of the Games: China, Human Rights and the Olympics

Recent events in Tibet have dramatically focused attention on the People’s Republic of China in a very different manner from that which has been the norm over the past few years. The media’s lens has moved away from China’s status as a rising economic superpower and settled on ethnic tensions, economic disparities, and the human rights record of the Chinese government. In the background Beijing has been readying itself to host the Olympic Games.

  • Can these issues be separated?

  • What is the historical background to the relations between China and the Olympics?

  • Why does China stage the Games and how have Chinese citizens reacted to international criticism and why?

  • What are the implications for the Beijing Olympics?

Fan Hong is Director of Irish Institute of Chinese Studies at University College Cork Ireland. She is the editor of The International Journal of the History of Sport and member of editorial board of the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sport and Sports Studies Journal. She is the former Chair of the Research Sub-Committee of Ethics and Education Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) founded by the International Olympic Committee.

Free of charge, but confirmation of attendance would be highly appreciated. If possible please email to no later than Friday 9 May.

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