The experience of Canadian and Chinese acquisitions

Seminar by Dana Minbaeva

Torsdag, 28 februar, 2008 - 14:00 to 15:30

Conquering KazOil: the experience of Canadian and Chinese acquisitions

Seminar by Dana Minbaeva


Using "national culture perspective" and "MNC as a cultural system perspective" we analyze how cultural differences affect the degree of capability transfer to the acquired unit. We followed one company located in Kazakhstan over 10 years and during two acquisitions by very culturally different MNCs from two different national cultures - one more culturally distant than another (Canada and China respectively). Results of our investigation allow us further elaborate on the model of capability transfer in cross-border acquisitions developed by Bjorkman, Stahl and Vaara (2007). In particular, we specify their propositions with regards to the types of integration mechanisms used, elaborate on the role of operational integration and stressed the importance of the realized absorptive capacity.

Dana Minbaeva is an Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management at the Center for Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS. She has taught in Kazakhstan, Russia, Lithuania, and Kyrgyzstan and been published in Journal of International Business Studies, Management International Review, Employee Relations and Personnel Review. Her current research focuses on strategic international human resource management, knowledge sharing and transfer in multinational corporations.

This seminar is co-arranged with Centre for Strategic Management and Globalization


Free of charge, but confirmation of attendance would be highly appreciated.

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