Lecture by Prof. Rajendra K Jain, New Delhi

Engaging the Economic Superpower: India and the European Union

Tirsdag, 5 februar, 2008 - 14:00 to 15:30

Engaging the Economic Superpower: India and the European Union

Lecture by Prof. Rajendra K Jain, Centre for European Studies, New Delhi


The rise of China and India is unparalleled in human history because never before has the world witnessed the simultaneous and consistent takeoffs of two nations, accounting for more one third of the planet’s population. European political elites seem to be indulging in a degree of scapegoating about the danger from “Chindia” with globalization being easily blamed for much of what ails European society.

Indian and EU perceptions differ on global governance, the restructuring of international institutions, multilateral trade negotiations, climate change, energy security and EU’s growing activism as a norms-entrepreneur and exporter even though they both share common values. India has no difficulty with a rule-based world order, but what it wants is “a different set of rules” – rules which must reflect the needs and aspirations of one third of humanity.

As a revisionist power, India finds the United States more willing than Europe to rework the rules of the global game (India-US nuclear deal). Europe is not inclined to think more strategically about Asia-related security issues. The Europeans are unwilling to participate in Washington’s “China-hedging” strategy and do not share the American view of India’s role as a strategic counterweight to China’s growing power.

Though the rise of China and India poses intellectual, technological, organizational, political and challenges for the West, they also provide opportunities since they contribute to greater growth worldwide as the growing consumerist middle class makes more demands of European goods, technology, and services.

Brief CV for Professor Rajendra K Jain

- Professor of European Studies and Director, Europe Area Studies Programme, CES, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

- Secretary-General, Indian Association for European Union Studies (IAEUS)

- In 2002-2004 Network Coordinator of the JNU European Union Studies Programme

- In 1998 launched the Europe Forum and the Jean Monnet Lectures in 1999

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