Diasporic Chinese and Emerging Transnationalism

Guest lecture by Prof. Hong Liu

Mandag, 3 marts, 2008 - 14:00 to 15:30

Diasporic Chinese and Emerging Transnationalism: Global Mobility, Multiple Identities, Embedded Networks

Guest lecture by Prof. Hong Liu


The past three decades have witnessed fundamental changes in the diasporic Chinese communities throughout the world; while the remigration trend evident in the previous decades has continued with remarkable momentum, new migrants originating from the PRC have increasingly become an important subject for scholarly inquiries and policy debates. This seminar attempts to explore the dynamics and characteristics of Chinese new migrants from the perspective of transnationalism, placing this phenomenon in a rapidly shifting milieu of globalization and China’s integration into the world. The global mobility of new migrants will be studied in conjunction with the emergence of new identities, the shifting ties with the homeland, and intriguing linkages between network and the state in the transnational arena. This exploration of emerging Chinese transnationalism, furthermore, will be informed by an awareness of the historicity that has shaped the nature of Chinese international migration and the changing paradigms in unveiling its complexities.


Hong Liu is Professor of East Asian Studies and founding director of the Centre for Chinese Studies at the University of Manchester. He taught previously at the National University of Singapore and has held visiting appointments at Kyoto, Harvard, Peking, and Stockholm Universities.


Free of charge, but confirmation of attendance would be highly appreciated

Contact: Katrine Bay, klb.int@cbs.dk

Arranged by Asia Research Centre

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