Charles Tackney, Toyoko Sato & Ole Strömgren

ARC Internal Seminar Series

Torsdag, 29 november, 2007 - 14:00 to 15:00


Benchmarks in Tacit Knowledge Skills Instruction: The European Undergraduate Research-Oriented Participatory Education (EU-ROPE) of Copenhagen Business School

with   Charles Tackney, Toyoko Sato & Ole Strömgren

Asia Research Centre

Knowledge management studies address explicit and tacit skills needed for successful performance in the modern enterprise. Yet, little attention has been paid to how tacit knowledge skills are acquired in higher education. We specify tacit knowledge skills benchmarks in the research-oriented participatory education offered at Copenhagen Business School. This integrated, interdisciplinary educational experience may be appropriate in other national settings where group-based work and tacit knowledge skills acquisition is valued at the undergraduate level.

The Asia Research Centre Internal Seminars is a series of seminars to share knowledge among members. To build up a lively and commited research community, members of the ARC network and other interested scholars will present and discuss their current research at the seminars.

The ARC internal seminars are mainly for researchers affiliated with the Asia Research Centre, but other interested scholars are most welcome to attend.

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