Female researchers take up less space in the media

It must be easy for the media to find the right expert – also the female experts. For this reason, Copenhagen Business School has prepared a list of female experts whose knowledge is available to the media  


Kvindelige forskere fylder mindst i medierne

Recently, Akademikerbladet published a list of the most cited experts in Danish media in 2023, showing that men continue to outnumber women by a wide margin in the top 50. Only five out of the 50 most cited experts were women.

Male researchers are more cited in Danish media than female researchers. But it does not have to be this way.

Copenhagen Business School wishes to make it easier for the media to find expert female researchers and has prepared a list of female experts whose knowledge is available to the media.

”It is the absolute choice of the media to decide which sources to use, and it is our task as a university to make it easy for them to find relevant experts of both genders. Since women are underrepresented in today’s media picture, we have prepared this list of female CBS researchers, who are happy to make their knowledge available,” says Søren Hvidkjær, Dean of Research at CBS.

Role models for younger women

According to Søren Hvidkjær, more female researchers becoming more visible may have a positive impact on the university.

”At CBS, we are working towards a more equal gender representation all the way up the career ladder. Today, a mere 20 per cent of CBS’ professors are women. It takes a long time to change the gender distribution significantly because the road to a professorship is long, and we only appoint very few new professors every year,” he says.

“We wish to recruit and retain talented researchers of both genders at this university. However, more female role models could perhaps contribute to more women getting a career within research. This will also give the university a larger talent pool to recruit from.”

Here you find the list of female CBS experts.

Sidst opdateret: Sekretariat for Ledelse og Kommunikation // 09/02/2024