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The Department of Finance aims to produce financial research, teaching and communication of international standard and of relevance for the Danish society

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Listen to Theis Ingerslev Jensen talk about his paper with Lasse Heje Pedersen on Replication Crisis in Finance - soon to be published in Journal of Finance.
Center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI) and Copenhagen Fintech are thrilled to announce the Nordic Fintech Symposium, a premier event dedicated to exploring the latest research relevant to finance and fintech.
Arna Olafsson's Research to be Published in the Journal of Political Economy
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The Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is an international department that consists of 30 faculty members in Finance and 5 faculty members in Statistics as well as 8 administrative staff. The Department of Finance researches in all financial issues, including issues related to financial markets, securities pricing, risk management, corporate finance and household finance. At the Department of Finance, we offer highly qualified teaching within an extensive number of both the full-time and the part-time programs available at Copenhagen Business School. Furthermore, the Department runs a successful PhD Program with 24 PhD students of different nationalities currently enrolled. The Department of Finance organizes a number of seminars every semester, please see Upcoming Finance Seminars above for more information.

Recent Selected Work by Department Members

Due Diligence
Thomas Geelen, Brett Green, Brendan Daley
Journal of Finance, forthcoming

How Integrated Are Credit and Equity Markets? Evidence from Index Options
Pierre Collin-Dufresne, Benjamin Junge, and Anders B. Trolle
Journal of Finance, forthcoming

Foreign Exchange Fixings and Returns Around the Clock
Ingomar Krohn, Philippe Mueller, and Paul Whelan,
Journal of Finance, forthcoming

Is There a Replication Crisis in Finance?
Theis Ingerslev Jensen, Bryan Kelly, and Lasse Heje Pedersen
Journal of Finance, forthcoming



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