Call for Papers

Center for Corporate Governanance and Center for Economics Business Research (CEBR) invite you to submit papers and to participate in Workshop on the Politics of Corporate Governance


Announcement and Call for Paper

Workshop on
the Politics of Corporate Governance


September 29-30, 2006


Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Center for Corporate Governance (CCG)

Center for Economics Business Research (CEBR)


Keynote Speakers

Randall Morck, Harvard University and University of Alberta

Ugo Pagano, University of Siena

Mark Roe,  Harvard University

Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, University of Amsterdam

We invite you to submit papers and to participate in this workshop. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome on this topic, and in particular papers that combine the two.


Corporate governance issues are often highly politicized and controversial, and the politics of governance has become an exciting field of research in economics and finance e.g.  comparative corporate and political governance systems. Some stylized facts have been established but are not well understood. In order to understand how political and historical conditions systematically affect the design of corporate governance mechanisms and how they function, more detailed studies are necessary. We organize this workshop on the politics of corporate governance to encourage such studies as well as the scientific debate across disciplines.  



Specific topics include but are not limited to

- Political determinants of control structures

- Impact of politics and legal regimes on corporate governance

- Political history of corporate control

- Politics of shareholder vs. stakeholder value maximization

- Cost and benefits of corporate governance policies

- Politics of corporate financing, capital structure and taxation

- Political trade-off between protection of labor and minority shareholders

- Politics of managerial compensation

- Electoral politics and minority shareholder protection

- Political determinants of the size of primary stock markets

- Wars and corporate governance

- Politics of transition between governance systems.

- Politics of privatization and outsourcing

Organizing Committee

Steen Thomsen, CopenhagenBusinessSchool 

Morten Bennedsen, CopenhagenBusinessSchool


Workshop site/Location

Copenhagen Business School



Deadline for submission: August 1, 2006


A PDF file containing a completed draft should be e-mailed to the Organizing Committee, at Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their papers by September 1, 2006. Accepted papers must be completed and submitted by September 15. People submitting papers should also indicate whether they are willing to act as discussants. Questions can be directed to Lotte Walther Malmskov (


Deadline for registration

September 15, 2006.

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