A sort of homecoming


Alumni Event took place Thursday 29 September 2005


University meets business

On Thursday 29 September 2005 app. 400 graduates met at a large Alumni Event at CBS. The day was reserved for discussion of prejudice and myths towards globalisation and for workshops regarding themes as financial consultancy, corporate entrepreneurship and aesthetic leadership. Before, after and during the event, the participants were networking, exchanging cards and talking about career dreams. Among others, they met Bjørn Lomborg, Christian S. Nissen, Margrethe Vestager, Lars Kirstein Andersen, Henrik Dahl – and the two young talents Line Rix and Tue Mantoni.

“It is the second year in a row that the CBS Alumni Event takes place – and it is not only us who thinks it is a good idea. In spite the fact that our graduates are busy with their careers and family life, they have chosen to prioritise CBS and friends from their study days. We all know that it takes something to spend a whole day at one’s old educational institution – and that is why the event is centred on a high academic profile. We want to provide the participants with something to remember,” says project manager Malene Maagaard.


Partnership with the business community regarding study programmes and research is an important strategic commitment for CBS – and here the Alumni mentality is also essential. CBS wants to have a lifelong partnership and dialogue with their graduates so that knowledge can be exchanged and CBS can get insight into the competences required by an active career.

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