2021, What a Year It Was



2021, What a Year It Was

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Marketing continued its strong trajectory in 2021 that we have been on for the past five years.

In terms of RESEARCH QUALITY, the department had four articles in AJG 3/4/4*-ranked journals in 2016; last year, we had no less than 50 such articles. The output in AJG 4/4*-ranked journals increased from 2 to 19 over the same period. In 2020, we have had articles 'published', 'in press', or 'accepted for' in journals including Journal of MarketingJournal of Marketing ResearchJournal of the Academic of Marketing ScienceJournal of Consumer ResearchInternational Journal of Research in MarketingJournal of Retailing, and all top-three journals in tourism (Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, and Tourism Management). To support this impressive growth, our nine research clusters discussed and developed their ambitious strategies during 2021 that again support CBS’ strategy.

In terms of EXTERNAL RESEARCH FUNDING, the total number of funding applications has risen significantly over the years. For example, we finish 2021 with a Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowship (about DKK 4 million) to Dr. Florian Kock.

In terms of EDUCATION QUALITY, we continued extending our competences in blended and online learning, and responded to the pandemic. We are the first department at Copenhagen Business School to design a modularized marketing-course package to deliver high-quality blended learning. We continue to host cross-department blended learning seminars in which faculty work peer-to-peer when developing their courses. We created and built up a departmental Canvas room as information hub, easing information distribution at the department. We also launched a new one-year M.Sc. in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management (led by Dr. Sebastian Zenker), as well as a minor in Circular Economy (led by Dr. Jesper Clement). We did the same with new course electives. We addressed (and continue to do so) how to integrate more and professionally develop our Ph.D. students. With its M.Sc. in Sales Management (led by Dr. Michel van der Borgh), CBS is recognized as a top international university for professional sales education. Finally, 36 colleagues (about a third) received the department’s certificate of excellence in teaching.

In terms of SOCIETAL VALUE, faculty are involved in numerous research projects that deal with wicked problems / grand challenges and, ultimately, deliver societal value—and faculty publish journal articles and books on these topics. The department is currently involved in two CBS-funded research project relating to pedagogy, education, and outreach. Dr. Mogens Bjerre published acclaimed books on sales governance and management.

In terms of PRIZES, several colleagues received recognition: Dr. Antonia Erz received the DSEB Education Award; Dr. Florian Kock received Dansk Marketingforskningspris; Marina Leban received the Prize Chancellery of Parisian Universities: Best Thesis in Management; and Dr. Gülen Sarial-Abi received the Jorck’s Foundation Research Award. Dr. Gülen Sarial-Abi and Dr. Sebastian Zenker both were promoted to full professors. Dr. Jesper Clement, Dr. Antonia Erz, and Dr. Thyra Uth Thomsen are Academic Citizens of 2021.

A big THANK-YOU many times to all faculty for their stellar performance: existing colleagues, new colleagues, and our adjunct professors (professors Michael Beverland and Rob Morgan; and professor Giana Eckhardt will join in 2022). Thanks also to CBS’ Senior Management for supporting us in all our endeavors. Finally, we thank our many students and our external collaborators. We look forward to continuing our journey with you.


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