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Kalle Johannes

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E-mail: kjr.acc@cbs.dk

Kalle Johannes Rose’s main research area is financial compliance and lawmaking in the EU from a law and economics perspective. He concentrates on the efficiency and development of financial legislation. Kalle Johannes Rose also works on commercial law and the interactions with constitutional law.


Primære forskningsområder
  • Financial compliance
  • Anti-money laundering regulation
  • Law and economics
  • Lawmaking and economics
  • Game theory
  • Constitutional law
  • Climate law and economics
Sociale medier
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  • Course coordinator, Law and Economics (Rets- og Kontraktøkonomi), BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course coordinator, Economic Science (Økonomisk Videnskabsteori), BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
  • Course coordinator, Strategic Legal Game Theory (Juridisk og Strategisk Spilteori), MSc electives
Andre undervisningsaktiviteter

In the Fall of 2022, Kalle initiated the dissemination project Academic Compliance.

The aim of the project is twofold:  

  1. ) to share with others the process of developing a unified risk-based compliance method to apply in all risk-based regulatory areas within the EU--such as anti-money laundering, climate risks, cyber security, healthcare and epedemic control
  2. ) to share with others a deep knowledge and insight in the area of anti-money laundering for the purpose of enhancing the general understanding and awareness of the field of anti-money laundering


Publikationer sorteret efter:
Kalle Johannes Rose; Benjamin Dante / On the Path to Create a Unison Approach to Systemic Risk-based Compliance : Laying the Foundation.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [wp] 2023, 27 s. (CBS LAW Research Paper, Nr. 23-03)
Working paper
Kalle Johannes Rose / EU Money Laundering Regulation Limit the Use of Tax Havens
I: Journal of Financial Crime, Vol. 29, Nr. 1, 2022, s. 233-245
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kalle Johannes Rose / Lack of Clarity in Recent Criminal Law Directive Gives Ground for Significant Expansion of EU Money Laundering Regulation
Frederiksberg 2021, 15 s. (CBS LAW Research Paper, Nr. 21-05)
Working paper > peer review
Kalle Johannes Rose / Non-compliance Behavior of De-risking Force the EU to Enhance Anti-money Laundering Regulation
I: Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, Vol. 29, Nr. 5, 2021, s. 477-490
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kalle Johannes Rose / De-risking or Recontracting : The Risk Dilemma of EU Money Laundering Regulation.
I: The Journal of Risk Finance, Vol. 21, Nr. 4, 10.2020, s. 445-458
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kalle Johannes Rose / Disclosing Anti-money Launderers Through CSR Regulation : a New Way to Combat Money Laundering.
I: Journal of Money Laundering Control, Vol. 23, Nr. 1, 2020, s. 11-25
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kalle Johannes Rose / How Financial Institutions Force the EU to an Inevitable Enhancement of the AML Regulation
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [wp] 2020, 14 s. (CBS LAW Research Paper, Nr. 20-33)
Working paper
Kalle Johannes Rose / Introducing the Missing 11th Principle of the United Nations Global Compact to Reach Sustainability : Follow the Money….
I: Journal of Money Laundering Control, Vol. 23, Nr. 2, 2020, s. 355-367
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Kalle Rose / Money Laundering Regulation : A Positive Spillover Effect on Tax Inequality (Agenda).
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [wp] 2020, s. 16 (CBS LAW Research Paper, Nr. 20-26)
Working paper > peer review
Kalle Rose / Calling out the Anti‐Money Launderers through CSR Regulation
Frederiksberg : CBS LAW. Copenhagen Business School 2019, 12 s. (Working Paper, Nr. 19-21)
Working paper
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