INT closes down, and the new Department of International Economics, Government and Business (EGB) is established 1st July 2018

Most INT faculty are transferred to the new department, which is established with the Comparative and European Public Policy group from Department of Business and Politics. The Center for Corporate Governance joins Department of Accounting, and Center for Culture and Leisure Services joins Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy. Three faculty members join the new department of Strategy and Innovation.


The closure of INT and establishment of EGB is part of a larger reorganization of departments at CBS initiated by Senior Management. INT faculty who join ACC, MPP and SI will strengthen their new departments. The newly established EGB will seek to build on the strengths of INT and DBP, but will also bring new elements into the department. Excellence in research, research- based teaching, and research-based dissemination will be the core ambition. The new department covers International Business, Area Studies and Government.

Jens Gammelgaard has been appointed Head of Department. The former Head of Department for DBP, Caroline de la Porte, has become Vice Head of Department. Head of Secretariat will be Anne W. Suhr.

INT wants to thank friends of INT for fruitful collaboration over the years.

For information the INT website will exist until 1st September, 2018.