E-MBA and GEMBA 2016 classes joined forces in Chicago

For the first time, two Executive MBA classes joined for a study tour.


Chicago Trip

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E-MBA and GEMBA 2016 classes joined forces in Chicago.

For the first time, two Executive MBA classes joined for a study tour. E-MBA class 2016-18 and the Global EMBA 2016-18 spent one week in   Chicago for their Marketing module.

The two classes attended joint lectures, company visits and even enjoyed a NHL ice hockey game between 'Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks'. Nathalie Breysse, from the Global EMBA said ‘It was a unique opportunity to meet, mix and network with the E-MBA class’.

World-class faculty

In all the years of the EMBA program, the marketing module has always evolved around a company case where students work directly with a company to develop a strategic marketing plan. During the past 23 years, the module has taken place both in Europe and the US allowing students to get local regional insights into companies. In more recent years, classes have been going to Chicago where they have the privilege of learning from faculty at the world famous Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University, a school that is known specifically for their marketing research. Lectures are combined with visits to companies where marketing issues are put in perspective.

Company cases

During the study tour, students also kick-off their marketing case and meet with their company:  ‘The study tour to Chicago was a great mix of lectures at Kellogg, which is a true American institution and champion within marketing research, and the very hands-on meetings with our companies. We really enjoyed the welcome and open attitude from the companies which we were able to give valuable input and create impact. We look forward to continuing our work with the marketing assignment based on the interviews with the companies and learnings from the lectures’ says Robert Thomsen from the EMBA class 2016-18.

After their return, students will be working hard in their groups to complete their marketing assignment. They will move on to their next module and for the GEMBA class there are two more study tours ahead to London and Kampala awaiting them.

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