PRME InFocus Reports

As the frontline of education, faculty is a crucial key in introducing and developing responsible management education for students. Here you can read various reports related to responsible management education.


#PRME InFocus Report no. 1. An Introduction to PRME at CBS


Businesses are under greater pressure than ever to adapt their traditional modes of production to new, more nimble approaches to address business in a globally challenged environment. Today’s educators and graduates are under ever-growing pressure to develop both the mind and skill sets needed to meet these global challenges. These global challenges are highly complex in nature and an ever- moving tar- get and it is highly unlikely that any one institution will be equipped to develop the mind and skill sets required alone. It is now more than ever that initiatives such as PRME are crucial.




#PRME InFocus Report no. 2. SDG Mapping of CBS' Course Offering

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Beyond the scope of research and traditional student education, universities are increasingly playing a role in the challenges that surround their communities and the larger global community. Given the national status and international renown of the CBS, this institution has the opportunity to lead in this changing social contract between the university sector and society.

Sustainability, as one of the most pressing global challenges, is currently being given attention from universities around the world through increased innovation in sustainability, and increased student demand for ethical and educational commitments and initiatives.

Authors: Kristjan Jespersen – Assistant Professor MSC
Contributing Author: Charlotte Jule Freese, Student Assistant at MSC.

READ THE REPORT HERE: PDF iconSDG Mapping of CBS Course Offering



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