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The Executive Certificate in Business Administrationis the first step towards an MBA


First step

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration is the first step towards an MBA. The program provides a strong all-round business perspective with courses covering the management fundamentals: operations, economics, marketing and organization. Hence you will learn how to analyze and manage corporate performance in order to maximize shareholder value.

Reflect Upon Your Own Behavior

The program is designed to enhance not only your expertise but also your practical leadership skills. A range of coaching activities and leadership seminars occur continuously throughout the program.

When and Where

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration starts in September 2005 and lasts seven months. The courses take place twice a month at CBS, usually from Thursday afternoon till Saturday noon. Although the workload is less stressful than in the Executive MBA Program, the classroom schedule is still rigorous and the reading load heavy.

Admission to the executive certificate program also grants you admission to the CBS Executive MBA Program - the leading Executive MBA Program in Northern Europe, tailored to current and future business leaders

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