Register now for the DFI Annual Conference 2022

Registration is now open for the DFI Annual Conference 2022


Register now for the DFI Annual Conference 2022.

The conference will take place on October 13, 2022 at Copenhagen Business School.

This year's conference will feature presentations from Professor Per Strömberg, Stockholm School of Economics, Professor Charlotte Østergaard, Copenhagen Business School and DFI, Assistant professor Julian Kölbel, University of St. Gallen, Associate professor Christoph Merkle, Aarhus University and DFI and Professor Jens Dick Nielsen, Copenhagen Business School and DFI.

The conference will also include the awarding of the DFI Education Prize, and a panel discussion about the impacts of inflation and interest rates on the development of the financial sector. The debate will be moderated by Professor Jesper Rangvid, Copenhagen Business School and DFI and will feature following panelists; Ulrik Nødgaard, CEO, Bankers Association, Jesper Berg, Director General, The Danish Financial Authority, and Jeppe Christiansen, CEO, Maj Invest.

Find the programme here.

Register for the conference here (deadline: October 7 at noon).

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