CBS Maritime Partners with Canada to Build an International Research Network on Greening the Maritime Supply Chain

CBS Maritime with the University of British Columbia has won a Canadian federal government grant to develop an international research network on green shipping policy solutions



The team was ranked no. 1 among the applicants for the Partnership Development Program by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and has received a 2-year, $200,000 CAD grant.

- The seed funding will be used to grow the partnership and leverage additional funds. Particularly we aim to expand the network in the key shipping hotspots of the world with leading, relevant universities and business schools and with companies and organizations in the maritime industry, says Henrik Sornn-Friese, Director of CBS Maritime.

International research
The project joins academic experts in maritime economics, business management, and global governance together with major players in the global shipping sector to achieve more coordinated and effective environmental policy approaches along the maritime supply chain.

The aim is to facilitate a higher and a more consistent level of awareness and understanding of environmental management challenges and best practice efficiencies from producers to shippers, shipowners, customers, ports, and local communities.

- Sustainability expectations are growing in the shipping sector and the project will help articulate the pressures, a new research agenda, and develop opportunities for progress, says Jane Lister, Associate Director of the Centre for Transportation Studies at Sauder School of Business in Vancouver.

Facts about the research project
The project commenced late fall 2015 and will run until the spring of 2017 at which point it is the aim to launch the next phase of the network (scaling up). The project is managed jointly by CBS Maritime and Sauder’s Centre for Transportation Studies and currently encompasses ten academic partners and eight industry and government partners in Europe, North America and South East Asia.

Learn more about Greening the Maritime Supply Chain project and its partners.

For further information please contact Henrik Sornn-Friese, Director of CBS Maritime.

Sidst opdateret: CBS Maritime // 17/12/2017