Computing Feelings: Danish Approaches to Sentiment Analysis

This workshop presents the latest results in Sentiment Analysis, a new technology for automatically analyzing the opinions and feelings expressed in text. There will be a focus on the Danish Language, which has been otherwise neglected in this area.

Fredag, 28 februar, 2014 - 13:00 to 17:00

Location: Dalgas Have, room D1V001 (The workshop is in english)
Time: 13:00-17:00
Sentiment Analysis is new technology for automatically assessing the
opinions and feelings expressed in text. There has been a great deal
of development in recent years, with impressive reports of accuracy
from research labs, and a plethora of commercial offerings. However,
the Danish language has been largely ignored. This meeting brings
together a team of researchers based in Denmark, who have developed a
series of systems in an effort to duplicate or go beyond the current
state of the art in Sentiment Analysis, with a special focus on

Program Friday Feb 28, 1pm-5pm

Time Speaker Title
1:00 Daniel Hardt (CBS) Introduction
1:15 Bernardo Huberman (HP) Social Media and the Attention Economy
1:45 Anders Søgaard (KU) Representations for sentiment analysis
2:20 Break  
2:30 Panel Discussion

Current and Future Business Applications for Language Technology:

Bernardo Huberman (HP), Anette Stöckel (Infomedia), Daniel Hardt (CBS)

3:30 Break  
Chris Zimmerman (CBS/MindJumpers),
Yuran Chen (CBS)

Marius the Giraffe:

Social Media Sentiment

3:50 Rene Madsen (Infomedia), Niels Buus Lassen (Evalua) Ensemble Classifiers
4:00 Anders Boje Larsen  (Danske Bank) From simple to more advanced sentiment lexicon approach
4:10 Julie Wulff (KU)  
Kasper Højgaard (KU),
Mattias Sellin (KU),
Mariana Bolano (KU)
Sentiment Classification: Domain adaptation for Danish customer reviews
Jakob Elming (KU),
Dirk Hovy (KU), Barbara Plank (KU)
Domain adaptation in Danish Sentiment Analysis
4:40 Daniel Hardt (CBS) Linguistic Structure and Sentiment Analysis
4:50 Conclusions  

Sentiment Analysis Demo

Everyone is welcome to attend. The workshop should be of interest to people with a technical interest in language technology and also to people who are interested in the practical, business applications of this kind of technology.

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