How can established firms act more entrepreneurially?

In search of innovation? CBS researchers will show new ways on how established firms can act more entrepreneurially

Mandag, 25 april, 2016 - 15:00 to 17:00

How can established firms act more entrepreneurially?


Established firms need to behave entrepreneurially in order to stay competitive. They need to innovate and commercialize innovations on new markets. For that they need to find solutions to innovation-related problems. The session shows new ways on how established firms can organize this search for solutions and whom to collaborate with.


On the occasion of the science festival “24 Hours of Research” (Forskningens Døgn) a group of researchers will present their most recent work on corporate entrepreneurship and the implications for practice. The event is introduced by associate professor Christoph Grimpe and associate professor Wolfgang Sofka who lead the CBS Cluster on Corporate Entrepreneurship. Afterwards, together with assistant professor Valentina Tartari and PhD fellow Diego Zunino, they will present a snapshot of their recent projects and how companies can act more entrepreneurial.

The event will be in English and is relevant for everyone who is interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.


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15:00             Introduction (Christoph Grimpe and Wolfgang Sofka)

15:15             A snapshot of research on corporate entrepreneurship (Christoph Grimpe, Wolfgang Sofka, Valentina Tartari, Diego Zunino)

16:15             Panel discussion inviting questions and comments from the audience

16:30             Reception – CBS offers a glass of wine

Time and place:

April 25, 2016, from 15:00 to 17:00

Copenhagen Business School

Kilevej 14A, 2000 Frederiksberg

Room: Ks54


About the Corporate Entrepreneurship Cluster:

The concept of entrepreneurial opportunities is at the heart of research in entrepreneurship. The corporate entrepreneurship cluster at CBS emphasizes entrepreneurial activity that occurs in established firms which compete in technologically sophisticated markets and search for such opportunities. Science and technology constitute a major foundation for the discovery and creation of opportunities in those firms. Opportunities typically arise from market conditions and the firm’s internal capabilities, resources and skills.

In their search for opportunities, corporate entrepreneurs frequently explore technological frontiers within and outside a firm’s current business domain. The activities of the cluster will focus particularly on how firms get access to knowledge from external sources and how they can connect with external partners to build relationships. The ultimate goal of this process is to discover and create opportunities that have the potential to transform firms.

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