From Research to Applied Skills in Entrepreneurship

In this first seminar ‘From Research to Applied Skills in Entrepreneurship’ organised by CSE and the CBS Entrepreneurship BiS platform, Kåre Moberg (PhD) will present his research about the effects of applied entrepreneurship skills through entrepreneurship education

Fredag, 13 marts, 2015 - 14:00 to 16:00


Starting up a firm involves a myriad of different activities and requires a bundle of different competences. Indeed, the entrepreneur is often described as a jack of all trades suggesting the entrepreneur needs to be a generalist rather than a specialist in a specific set of competences. But what is the key combination of competences that in fact promote entrepreneurship not least succesful entrepreneurship?

Kåre's presentation will lend insight in this respect in a seminar which will be interactive. The audience will learn how educational entrepreneurship programs and hence particular combination of skills help students understand the required startup process and assist them in running small young enterprises.

Different educational programs are found to facilitate and promote entrepreneurship to a grater extent than others. This has important implications for the students, who wish to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, and it suggest that particular skills are conducive to entrepreneurship. 

One important finding in Kåre's research is that educational programs need to include the students’ prior contextual knowledge in the startup process and that student entrepreneurs need ownership of their startup process in order to spur passion, motivation and entrepreneurial learning. 

Kåre will present how these findings relates to entrepreneurs’ everyday work with inspiring employees, associates and stake-holders, and how this can assist you as aspiring and established entrepreneurs in the startup process.

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