Department of Operations Management

Academic profile and strategy

The Department of Operations Management covers production management, distribution, product and process development in general as well as information and communication in and about modern industrial and service enterprises. Our overall strategic research focus areas are interorganisational relations and performance management – often referred to as operations management.

The Department has four academic research areas:

Business economics is about cost and price theory - focusing on decision-making concerning pricing, scope of production and resource allocation based on modelling of the activities of the enterprise.

Management control is about setting up and using various types of information, planning and reporting systems as well as budgeting and follow-up.

Supply chain management concerns the management of the flow of services, products, product development and information through enterprises in chains and networks.

Operations management concerns management and organisation of production issues, often with a view to develop products and processes.


To learn more about the Department of Operations Management's strategy, please read our 2016/2017 Strategy for Operations Management, Copenhagen Business.

PDF iconStrategy OM 2016

Staff and Location

The Department has approximately 60 members of staff, including a small administration team. Furthermore the teaching and research activities in the department is supported by c. 100 external lecturers and a number of guest researchers. The Department is housed on the 4th and 5th floor at Solbjerg Plads 3, block B.

Further c. 15 members of staff are employed at the Center for Business Development and Management (CVL) which is associated to the Department. The center is physically located at Solbjerg Plads 3, block B 3rd floor.

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Department of Operations Management
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