Alle ledige stillinger findes altid i CBS’ jobdatabase. I nogle tilfælde annonceres også i dags- og fagpressen. CBS modtager ikke uopfordrede ansøgninger.

Ledig stilling



Assistant/Associate Professor in Applied Business Philosophy Institut for Ledelse, Politik og Filosofi 15/06/2017
Associate Professor in International Business / International Economics with focus on Japan Inst. for Int. Økonomi og Virksomhedsledelse 30/06/2017
Associate Professorship in Corporate Governance Inst. for Int. Økonomi og Virksomhedsledelse 15/08/2017
Associate Professorship in EU Business and Politics Department of Business and Politics 01/06/2017
Associate Professorship in the Sociology of Culture Department of Management, Society and Communication 29/05/2017
Open rank position in Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics Institut for Innovation og Organisationsøkonomi 01/11/2017
Two Associate Professorships in Marketing and Sales Management with special attention to digitalization at the Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School Institut for Afsætningsøkonomi 30/06/2017
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