Department of Organization

In our research we seek to identify and understand changes in working and business life. We focus on processes rather than on structure, on relations and interaction among actors rather than on the individual actor.


The Department of Organization's (IOA) research and teaching are based on the managerial and organizational processes in private, public, voluntary and other organizations.
Our goal is to create and disseminate new knowledge about organizational processes that are applicable and that may inspire business executives and others to work with new organizational structures.

The Department of Organization contributes to the organization and management teaching on all levels of the CBS degree programmes. The department is able to supply the degree programmes with fundamental and specialised knowledge in the areas of organization and management.

"Understanding organization and organizing processes has never been more important. Our research address both the big patterns of an organized society and the everyday dynamics and challenges of doing things together."

- Signe Vikkelsø, Head of Department, IOA




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