Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

Marie Louise

Room: KIL/14A-2.92
E-mail: lm.smg@cbs.dk
Curriculum Vitae
Primary research areas
  • Competition for resources and opportunities in global firms

  • Professional services and multinational firms

  • Innovation and knowledge sharing processes across firm and geographic boundaries

  • Social Networks

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Louise Mors is a Professor of Strategic Management and Globalization at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and has also been on the faculty at the London Business School. She has a PhD from INSEAD in France and spent time as a post-doc at the Sloan School at MIT. 
Before pursuing her academic career, Professor Mors worked as an independent management consultant. Among others, she advised the senior management of a large British media and communications firm on their e-business strategy and assisted the senior management of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Europe to devise their growth strategy. Currently she sits on the board of a Danish executive education provider and the advisory academic council of CBS. Professor Mors is also actively involved with academic community organizations like the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society and is an incoming associate editor of the Academy of Management Perspectives – a leading journal that addresses important issues concerning management and business.  
With a focus on large, global firms, Professor Mors' research examines the relationship between senior managers’ informal networks, organization design and performance. Professor Mors’ work has been published in the top strategy and management journals, such as the Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Journal. 
Born and raised in Denmark, Louise Mors has an international background; having lived, studied, and worked in Sydney, Oslo, Paris, London, San Francisco, Boston, and New York. After 25 years abroad, she now lives in Frederiksberg with her husband and two boys.
Selected publications
  • Managerial Networks and Exploration in a Professional Service Firm. Forthcoming. (2016) (with M. Rogan)
  • A network perspective on individual-level ambidexterity in organizations. Organization Science (2014) 25: 1860-1877 (with M. Rogan)
  • Innovation in a global consulting firm: When the problem is too much diversity. Strategic Management Journal (2010) 31: 841-872
  • Competing for jobs: Labor queues and gender sorting in the hiring process. Social Science Research (2008) 37: 1061-1080 (with Fernandez, R.M.)
  • Knowledge sharing in organizations: Multiple networks, multiple phases. Academy of Management Journal (2005) 48: 776-793 (with Hansen, M.T. and Løvås, B.)
Louise Mors; David Waguespack / Fast Success and Slow Failure : An Examination of the Costs of Collaboration Across Formal Boundaries.
Paper presented at The DRUID 20th Anniversary Conference 2016, 2016
Michelle Rogan; Louise Mors / Managerial Networks and Exploration in a Professional Service Firm
In: Organization Studies, 23.8.2016
Journal article
Louise Mors; Jesper Christensen / Netværks og videndeling : Når relationerne bliver afgørende for videndeling.
In: Bedre videndeling: Teoretiske og praktiske perspektiver. . ed. /Peter Holdt Christensen. København : Hans Reitzel 2016, p. 96-120
Book chapter
Stewart R. Miller; Louise Mors; Michael McDonald / Crossing Geographic and Organizational Boundaries : A Study of Executives' Access to Help.
In: Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business: Global Networks: Organizations and People. . ed. /Ram Mudambi; Tunga Kiyak. East Lansing, MI : Michigan State University Press 2015, 1 p., p. 233 (Academy of International Business. Annual Meeting. Proceedings, Vol. 57)
Conference abstract in proceedings
Louise Mors; David Waguespack / The Costs and Benefits of Collaborating across Geographic Distance and Organizational Boundaries
Paper presented at The DRUID Society Conference 2015, 2015
Michelle Rogan; Marie Louise Mors / A Network Perspective on Individual-Level Ambidexterity in Organizations
In: Organization Science, Vol. 25, No. 6, 2014, p. 1860-1877
Journal article
Stewart Miller; Marie Louise Mors; Michael McDonald / Helping Behavior in Executives' Global Networks
In: Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business: Local Contexts in Global Business. . ed. /Klaus Meyer; Tunga Kiyak. East Lansing, MI : Academy of International Business 2014, p. 72 (Academy of International Business. Annual Meeting. Proceedings, Vol. 2014)
Conference abstract in proceedings
Marie Louise Mors; Stewart Miller; Michael McDonald / Helping Behavior in Multinational Executive Networks
Paper presented at SMS Special Conference Copenhagen, 2014
Research Projects