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With the course ‘Managing Your Career’ we will facilitate opportunities for employment and support you in the process of landing a job.

Copenhagen Full-time MBA Your Career

Capture opportunities, discover your core strengths and connect to potential employers during the MBA Career Module. Learn more in this video!
CBS MBA Career Module with Claire Hewitson
Khanya from South Africa traded consulting for an in-house position in commercial excellence. Find out why she loves her role and working in Denmark in this video.
Khanya Vokwana Copenhagen MBA video
Meet alumnus Fernando in this video. He swapped his native Brazil for Denmark and has built an exciting career in innovation.
Fernando Sasdelli Copenhagen MBA alumnus

A Tailored Career Service

From the very start of your MBA journey, you will benefit from our MBA career service. The course ‘Managing Your Career’ is a tailor-made, individual journey that lets you reflect on your post-MBA goals and your personal strengths and talents, as well as your ideal job situation and past experiences.

Throughout the year you will experience company visits, welcome guest speakers and attend events – all of which are designed to help put you on the road to achieving your career goals.

Your Personal Career Mentor

As part of our commitment to your career, we will introduce you to our valuable MBA Alumni network, the biggest MBA network in Scandinavia, giving you numerous opportunities to interact with CBS MBA alumni, both on formal and less formal terms.

And if you, like many of our graduates, are interested in staying in Denmark post-MBA, we will match you up with an alumnus who will be your personal career mentor in the third trimester. Your mentor will not only assist you in creating a plan needed to achieve your career goals, but they will help you better understand the industry you have chosen and provide valuable insight into the Danish job market too.

Learn more about the Copenhagen MBA Career Course in this video.

The Copenhagen MBA Career Module

Career Module

Post MBA Placement

Below is an example of the companies and industries in which Copenhagen MBA graduates found employment:

Copenhagen MBA Snapshot of Recruiting Companies

For Recruiting Companies

If you are a recruiter/company interested in working together with Copenhagen MBAs you can find out more here. You can also contact our Careers Manager on; +45 3815 6024.


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