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Career Impact

Choose to study for a CBS Executive MBA and open the door to a world of opportunities. Not only will this important decision benefit you for the rest of your career, your organisation will gain from your increased insight from day one.

EMBA Career Impact

From scientist to commercial director with the CBS EMBA: Meet Nathalie Breysse in this video.
CBS EMBA Nathalie Breysse
Looking for an authentic voice? Experience the CBS EMBA through the eyes of participants and alumni on the blog.
CBS EMBA graduate
How did the CBS EMBA move Susanne Lundby from a manager to a leader? Meet her and CEO of PensionDanmark in this video.
CBS EMBA alumnus Susanne Lundby

Create ROI from Day One

Using examples from real life, we let you apply your learnings directly to your role and your organisation. Projects and assignments, and in particular the final Integrated Strategy Project, allow you to identify a specific issue within your organisation that needs attention, analyse it and create a strategic solution and implementation plan.

So not only will this mean your newfound skills are more likely to stick, your organisation will see immediate ROI on their sponsorship.

Meet your personal career goals

As a CBS EMBA participant, you will have one-to-one access to our experienced CBS MBA Career Manager. You will be able to tailor-make your experience to receive help with career planning, goal setting, development opportunities and personal branding and networking. And you can also gain insight on how to leverage your EMBA in your current organisation.

Get global insight

Travelling abroad to study specific modules will give you first-hand knowledge about how businesses operate in some key international business hotspots. Gain an understanding of the culture and logistics of working with companies based in these and other global locations.

Boost your salary

The Financial Times has ranked the CBS Executive MBA number 66 globally. Their 2021 ranking reveals that the surveyed class increased their salaries by 45% in the three years since graduating from the CBS EMBA.

Develop trusted networks

Increase your company's network thanks to the broad range of fellow participants and alumni you will meet. These are your business opportunities of the future.
Meet some of our previous participants.

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