Want to be a Business Case in a Competition?


You now have the opportunity to meet 40 ambitious business students from Denmark and Sweden by signing up as a business partner for the case competition “Öresund: Linking minds”.

The competition is a collaborative project between the two student organisations International Business and Politics Union (IBP Union) from CBS and Lund Ekonomerna from Lund School of Economics.

By signing up as a partner you will get access to a first class recruitment event. CVs, grades and contact information of the students will be delivered in advance and you will be able to follow the participants closely during the competition.

Your job is to deliver a real-life business case and help finance the event with funds and/or resources. The students are ready to elaborate on financial strategic challenges.

The competition will take place in Copenhagen in April.

For more information, contact Anders Egedal Petersen from the IBP Union, CBS. Mail: olm@ibpunion.com or tel: +45 2274 7680.