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Members of the CBS Public-Private Platform often publish books and articles as well as appear in both Danish and international media. At the cluster section you can find each member’s newest publication by clicking on their name. At this section you will find a selected number of publications and media appearance.



For furture updates follow us on social media

For furture updates follow us on social media.


Environment and Planning D - Space and Society

Member of Public-Private Platform and the cluster on Law Enforcement and Armed Forces, Anna Leander was co-editor of the special issue of Environment and Planning D - Space and Society, which was published by SAGE Journals in February, 2016

New book on Interpretation and Application of IPSAS

Associate Professor at the CBS Department of Accounting and Auditing and member of the Platform, Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan published a new book on IPSAS (the accounting standards for the public sector) in collaboration with Isabelle Andernack.

New Book on Organizational Behaviour in Health Care

Platform members Susanne Boch Waldorf and Anne Reff Pedersen have editied the book 'Managing Change' that focuses on how to manage changes and aligne them with everyday practices.

"Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies"

Anna Leadner, member of the Law Enforcement and Armed forces cluster, editied the Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies, which offers a comprehensive overview of current research on private security and military companies, comprising essays by leading scholars from around the world.

New Book: "The Evolution of Intermediary Institutions in Europe"

Professor MSO and cluster member Poul F. Kjaer recently published a co-edited volume together with CBS colleague Eva Hartmann dealing with the historical evolution of public/private relations throughout 20th century Europe.

New Book on Social Entrepreneurship

Professor MSO, at MPP and PPP member Ester Barinaga has published the book ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Cases and Concepts’

New Book Entilted "Urban Commons: Rethinking the Ciry"

The two cluster faciliators of the Urban Governance cluster Martin Kornberger and Christian Borch are co-editors of a new book entilted "Urban Commons: Rethinking the Ciry" published by Routledge.


Handbook of Sociology, Social Theory and Organizational Studies

Academic Director at the Public-Private Platform and Professor Paul Du Gay is alongside Paul Adler, Glenn Morgan, and Mike Reed, editor of The Oxford Handbook of Sociology, Social Theory and Organization Studies.

Book on the Modernization of the Public Sector

In the Book 'Modernization of the public sector' Academic Director at the PP Platform Carsten Greve and Co-Author Professor Niels Ejersbo provide a historic overview of how modernization has progressed and how it can be interpreted.

Book on Architectural Atmospheres

Cluster Facilitator, Professor and recently awarded American book price winner Christian Borch is the editor behind the book 'Architectural Atmospheres - On the Experience and Politics of Architecture', with contributions from also Gernot Bohme and Olafur Eliasson.

Book Entitled ‘Constitutionalism in the Global Realm: A Sociological Approach’

Poul F. Kjær member of the CBS Public-Private Platform and Professor MSO at CBS, publish a new book entitled ‘Constitutionalism in the Global Realm: A Sociological Approach’.

New Book on Social Entrepreneurship

Professor MSO, at MPP and PPP member Ester Barinaga has published the book ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Cases and Concepts’


Book on the Signature of Power: Sovereignty, Governmentality and Biopolitics

CBS Professor of Public Governance Cluster Mitchell Dean published a new book entitled  'The Signature of Power: Sovereignty, Governmentality and Biopolitics' (Sage, 2013).

Second Edition of 'Doing Cultural Studies – The Story of the Sony Walkman'

Paul du Gay, Stuart Hall, Linda Janes, Anders Koed Madsen, Hugh Mackay and Keith Negus are the editors of the second edition of "Doing Cultural Studies – The Story of the Sony Walkman". 

Book on "Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships"

'Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships - strategies for turbulent times' is the name of a new book edited by Professor Carsten Greve and co-editor Professor Graeme Hodge.

Book on 'New Spirits of Capitalism? Crises, Justifications and Dynamics'

Professor Paul du Gay is the editor of the book: 'New Spirits of Capitalism? Crisis, Justifications and Dynamics”, co-edited with Professor Glenn Morgan'. 


Book on 'International Handbook on Public-Private Partnership'

The book 'International Handbook on Public-Private Partnership' is edited by Graeme Hodge (Monash University, Australia), Anthony Boardman (Sauder School of Business, Canada) and Carsten Greve (Copenhagen Business School) at CBS. 

Book on the Politics of Crowds

Platform member Christian Borch publishes new book on The Politics of Crowds.

Book on the State and Civil Society

Kaspar Villadsen (Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy) has together with Mitchell Dean (The University of Newcastle and member of the CBS Public-Private Platform Advisory Board) published the book “Statsfobi og civilsamfund – Foucault og hans arvingers blik på staten”.

Book on Hybrid Governance

'Hybrid Forms of Governance: Self-suspension of Power' is eidted by Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen and Inger-Johanne Sand.



New working paper: 'Is Office as a Vocation in 'Post-Bureaucratic' Public Managment?'

CBS Public-Private Platform's Academic co-director Paul du Gay published a paper in the second Working papers in the Human Rights and Public Life Program of the Withlam Institute Australia, which explore some of the recent reforms of public administrations as bureaucratic institution of government.

New article on proactive public disclosure

This article combines a legal and organizational approach to analyse a new regulatory strategy within tax administration, and was publiched by Platform member Karen Boll and Michael Tell from CBS' department of Law. The article was publiched in the Nordic Tax Journal.

New article: “Fear of the Formal”

The Platform's Academic co-director Paul du Gay and Adjunkt Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth publiched the article 'Fear of the Formal' in  European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology on the issue Formal Organisation. The article combines organisational theory with formal and informal organisational, and at the same time it includes an aspect of freedom.

New article on Remedying Political Risk in Public-Private Contracts

Marie-Louise Holle, member of the Platform's cluster on Public-Private Partnerships, Procurement & Outsourcing,  presented this article at the 'The Challenge of Governance' conference in Melbourn. It focuses on proactive contracting related to the central government’s exercise of its regulatory authority.

New article on Identity, diversity and diversity management

Members of the Diversity and Different cluster, Sara Louise Muhr, Florence Villéseché and Lotte Holck, published an article in the journal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion that examins the relationship between the identity and diversity literatures.

Article on Managing Complexity across multiple dimensions of liquid open data: The case of the Danish Basic Data Program

Member of the Platform's cluster on Internet, Business and Society Thorhildur Jetzek pubished an article in Government Information Quarterly that is based on a longitudinal case study of the Danish Basic Data Program.

Article on The return of the hierarchy: SOEs in marketisation

Platform member and PhD Lene Tolstrup Christensen published an article in the International Journal of Public Sector Management that focuses on how the SOE as a hybrid mode of governance between hierarchy and market has evolved through the marketisation of Danish passenger rail.

Article on “Insurance and the Sociologies of Markets”

In the latest issue of Ecconomic Sociology The Eorupean Electronic Newsletter, member of the Platform's Market's and Valuation cluster José Ossandón publiched an article focuing on three perspectives of conceptual perspectives from recent sociology of markets simultaneously in order to observe recent developments in Chile’s health insurance industry.

Article on Unexpected Translations in Urban Policy Mobility

Lector, PhD and PPP member Maria Zapata has recently published: Zapata, P. and Zapata Campos, M.J. (2015) Unexpected translations in urban policy mobility. Habitat International, 46, 271-276.

Podcast Interview with Annelise Riles 

Co-facilitator of the Public-Private Platform cluster of Markets and Valuation, José Ossandón has conducted a podcast interview with Annelise Riles when she visited the platform and the cluster for a workshop on Markets for Collective Concerns.

Journal Entitled 'Excursions in Administrative Ethnography'

PPP member Karen Boll has together with Roderick A. W. Rhodes co-edited the article 'Excursions in Administrative Ethnography' in the Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Vol. 4, Nr. 2, 2015


Article on Playful Membership by Plarform Members Åkstrøm & Pors

The article ‘Playful membership: embracing an unknown future’ was published in Management & Organizational History Journal, vol. 9(2).

Article on The Politics of Transparency and the Calibration of Knowledge in the Digital Age by Mikkel Flyverbom

Together with Hans Krause Hansen, cluster facilitator Mikkel Flyverbom published an article on 'The politics of transparency and the calibration of knowledge in the digital age'.


Article on Internationally Recommended Best Practices in Transportation Financing Public-Private Partnerships by Carsten Greve

Together with Co-Authors Lawrence Martin, Wendell Lawther and Graeme Hodge, Carsten Greve has published an article on Internationally Recommended Best Practices in Transportation Financing Public-Private Partnerships (P3s). 

Article on Investigation of a Danish Tax and Costum Adminstration Model by Karen Boll

The article ‘Representing and Performing Businesses’, from the platform member Karen Boll is published in Journal of Cultural Economy.

Article on 'Exploitation, Exploration, and Exaltation: Notes on a Metaphysical (Re)Turn to 'One Best Way of Organizing' by Paul du Gay and Signe Vikkelsø

Academic Director Paul du Gay and PP platform member Signe Vikkelsø have published an article entitled 'Exploitation, Exploration, and Exaltation: Notes on a Metaphysical (Re)Turn to 'One Best Way of Organizing' 

Mikkel Flyverbom on the Editorial Board of New Journal

Mikkel Flyverbom has been asked, and accepted, to serve on the editorial board of a new Sage journal titled ‘Big Data & Society: Critical Interdisciplinary Inquiries'. 


Article on 'Protect the Patent from Whom?' by Kasper Villadsem amd Katrine Hoffmann Pii

Associate Professor Kaspar Villadsen and PhD Kathrine Hoffmann Pii has published the article 'Protect the patient from whom? When patients contest governmentality and seek more expert guidance', which has appeared in Social Theory & Health.

Article Series in Skattefagligt by Karen Boll

The article series consists of three articles published in 2011-12. The three articles describe various aspects of how tax compliance is regulated by the Danish Tax and Customs Administration and are examples of how research in regulation can provide (critical) input to the practitioners doing the regulation.

Article in Fremch Revue Française de Sociologie by Paul du Gay

Paul du Gay has together with Alan Scott published an article in French Revue Française de Sociologie. The article "Transformation de l’État ou changement de régime ? De quelques confusions en théorie et sociologie de l’État" can be read in volume 52-3.

Media appearance

For furture updates follow us on social media


The Platform's Academic co-director Carsten Greve published together with Anne Reff Pedersen a columm at

They focuses the article around value creation in the public sector.

Justine Grønbæk Pors published a blog at

In the blog Justine Grønbæk Pors comments on that across political boundaries have become an increased awareness on the need for innovation and new thinking in order for the society to survive. 

Cluster facilitator Mikkel Flyverbom in the Danish magazine KOM

In the article Mikkel Flyverbom talks about how platforms such as Google, Facebook and Netflix have become useful when developing business strategies.

The Platform's Academic co-director, Paul du Gay interviewed by Djøfbladet

The Danish magazine Djøfblandet published an article focusing on Paul du Gay's take on bureaucracy.

Platform member, Karen Boll, was guest in the Danish TV show: Skatteletteren i SKAT

In the show Karen Boll contributes with knowledge about the the challenges that are relation to organisations and the Danish texation system.

Public-Private Platfrom researcher, Florence Villeséche, interviewed by Børsen Ledelse

Florence Villese che was interviewed by Børsen Ledelse about diversity/women in leadership in Denmark, and her work on the significance of diversity in boards.

Cluster facilitator Mikkel Flyverbom in the Danish newspaper Politiken

In the article, Mikkel Flyverbom put emphasis on the fact that data is becomming the starting point for a company's startegy.

Academic Co-director Carsten Greve is Quoted in a Frontpage Article in the Newspaper Berlingske

The article shed light on state owned companies and a new policy initiative that argues for a closer observation of the companies. In the article Professor Carsten Greve stresses that it is sensible with clearer lines and more precise requirements.

Academid Co-director Carsten Greve has Made a Blog Post Entitled 'Reform through Partnerships' 

Professor and Academic Co-director Carsten Greve has released a blog post [in Danish] at the Platform's strategic partner MindLab's blog.

Carsten Greve in OPP Baton at

“Things are looking up for PPP Projects in Denmark” argues Academic Director at the platform and Professor Carsten Greve in his contribution at the Danish media group for the public sector 

Carsten Greve Gives His First Assessment of the Productivity Commission's Final Report on Public-Private Cooperation

Carsten Greve gives his first assessment of the Productivity Commission's final report on public-private cooperation.

New Article with Focus on Benefits of PPP Coorporation Reform. In Danish: Ny Atikel med Fokus på Fordele ved OPP Samarbejdsformen

Article in Jyllands-Posten draws on PPP researchers Christina Tvarnø and Carsten Greve's conclusion on how the PPP collaborations leads to more efficient building projects.

Mikkel Flyverbom in Article on Challenges for Internet Companies

Facilitator at the Internet, Business and Society cluster Mikkel Flyverbom recently commented an article published in Danish Berlingske Tech. 

New PPP Report by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority launched a new report about barriers inhibiting the development of public‐private partnerships in Denmark. The launch and presentation took place in collaboration with the CBS Public‐Private Platform. 

Cluster Member Karen Boll in DR2 Deadline

Karen Boll, member of the PP cluster Shifting Forms of Public Governance, guested the Danish broadcasting program DR2 Deadline for a talk about her research on Denmark’s tax authority SKAT. 

Professor and Academic Director Paul du Gay was Guest in The BBC Program in Defence of Bureaucracy

Together with former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major and the Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, Paul du Gay was guest in Gus O’Donnell’s two-part series “In Defence of Bureaucracy”.

Academic Director Paul du Gay Interviewed for Scenario

Professor of Globalisation at CBS and Academic Director at the Public-Private Platform Paul du Gay were interviewed by SCENARIO for an article about his work ”In defence of Democracy”.

The Danes Have too Much Responsibility - Article by Åkerstrøm in Berlingske

The Danes have too much responsibility argues cluster Facilitator at the PP cluster Shifting Forms of Public Governance Niels Åkerstrøm in the Danish Newspaper Berlingske.

Article in the Danish Newspaper Politiken on PPP’s by PhD and PPP Member Sofie Dam

CBS Public-Private Platform member and PhD fellow, Sofie Dam, investigate PPPs’ relation to a better environment and more innovative solutions in the hope for less waste. Sofie has published an article in the Danish newspaper Politiken in the section for Political Analysis. With the title: ‘PPP: This is how we create a Denmark without waste’,


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