The CBS Public-Private Platform participates at the yearly Danish political festival Folkemødet with the aim of network and knowledge sharing. Here you can find more information about the platform’s engagement in the recent years.


Folkemødet 2018

At this year's public festival (Folkemøde) CBS Pulic-Private participated as one of the associates to the Public Private Partnership stage (OPS scenen). The representative debaters from CBS Public-Private were Professor Christina D. Tvarnø, Professor Carsten Greve, Associate Professor Ph.d. Sara Louise Muhr, Associate Professor Ole Bjerg.

Folkemoedet 2018 OPS Scenen

CBS Public-Private participated in several of debates at the OPS stage doing the four days of the public festival. A few highligts are given below:


Er der en ny åbning for OPP-markedet i Danmark? (Is there a new opening for the PPP market in Denmark?)

The panel discussed how PPP (public private partnership) infrastructure projects can create value for citizens in Denmark and if it is possible to create value if PPP is systematized and the number is increased. And at last why it is that we do not have a national PPP policy. From CBS Public-Private Professor Christina D. Tvarnø and Professor Carsten Greve participated.


MeToo er mere end et # det er dit psykiske arbejdsmiljø (MeToo is more than a # it is your psychological work environment)

Universal issues with MeToo should be resolved jointly. But how can the Public-Private sector across industries focus on the problem and find solutions? This was discussed in the MeToo debate Saturday morning. The tent was full of an interested audience who with their own experience in the industry's handling of MeToo problems, contributed. Among the six debaters Professor Christina D. Tvarnø and Associate Professor Ph.d. Sara Louise Muhr contributed.


Når der går DJØF i velfærdsudbud (When welfare offers turns into DJØF)

This debate focused on three fields: Paradigms in welfare offering. Do we see signs of DJØF paradigms? The role of local municipalities as the buyer and their responsibility for the market demand in the welfare market. And if we see a particular G2B responsibility? (Government to Business). Professor Carsten Greve contributed in this debate.


See the live streams of the various debates on Public-Private facebook page here.

Folkemødet 2017

Professor Christina D. Tvarnø from the CBS Law Department participated in a panel discussion at Folkemødet, Bornholm in 2017.

The debate concerned new ways to collaborate between the public and the private sector.
The new types of collaboration aim at creating innovation and higher welfare through social investments and public/private collaboration.  The Danish Government has emphasized that public private collaboration and private investments might improve the result on traditional public service in “Sammenhængsreformen” of April 2017 – which concerns an increasing focus on the citizens and a more coherent public sector.

The Danish Government concludes that the results based on the collaboration in the public service sector can first of all improve and secure better allocation of responsibility and risk, secondly, greater focus on results and social value creation, and finally, improve innovation and efficiency.

The panel participants were:

· Christina D. Tvarnø, Professor, Copenhagen Business School.

· Bjarne Pedersen, Kommunaldirektør, Rudersdal Kommune.

· Lars Jannick Johansen, Direktør, Den Sociale Kapitalfond.

· Torben Hartz, Head of Infrastructure Advisory, EY.

· Morten Halborg, Direktør, Skandia.

The panel discussions concerned how to solve the welfare problems in Denmark through public private collaboration and private investments, the lack of public private collaboration projects in Denmark compared to other countries, how to focus on the citizens and what legal, structural, or financial challenges  constitute barriers to social investments and projects with a result-oriented focus.


Folkemødet 2016

Among the activities at this year’s political festival the Platform was co-organizer of three events, which took place on June 17 and 18.

Panel debate on public-private partnerships
In the afternoon on June 17, the Platfom's Academic co-director Carsten Greve participated a panel debate organised by EY. However, the debate concerned the opportunites and barriers connected to the OPP's in public and private organisations in Denmark. Besides Carsten Greve the panel consisted of amongst other Hasse Jørgensen (Administrerende direktør i Sampension), Flemming Bendt (Administrerende direktør i ISS Danmark), Gyrithe Saltorp (Direktør i Byningsstyrelsen) and Torben Hartz (Executive Director i E&Y).

Panel debat on public valuecreation
On June 18, the Paltform, in connection with the Danish Think Tank CEVEA, organised a panel debate that centered valuecreation in public organisation. This issue was disscused in a panel consisting of
Carsten Greve (Professor, CBS and Academic co-dictor, CBS Public-Private Platform), Kristian Weise (Direktør, Tænketanken  Cevea), Regitze Flannov (Hovedbestyrelsesmedlem, Danmarks Læreforening) and Erik Christensen (Folketingsmedlem, Socialdemokraterne)

Panel debate on leadership dilemma
In the afternoon on June 18, Carsten Greve was moderated for a panel debate focusing on the leadership dilemmas that can appear in the decentralized welfare state. For the debate KORA had combined a panel consisting of Frank E. Andersen (Kommunaldirektør, Gentofte Kommune), Vibeke Normann Andersen (Analyse- og forsknings chef, KORA), Lene Holm Pedersen (Professor, CBS og KORA), Jens Henrik Højbjerg (Rigspolitichef) and Jens Ovesel (Forvaltningspolitisk chef, DJØF).

Even though the weather could have been better the events were great attended, which helped to create a good atmosphere. As the past years, the festival created a good opportunity for the Platform not only to interact with current relations and partners, but to get in touch and interact with new contacts.
Folkemødet 2015

Among the activities at this year’s festival the Platform was co-organizer of three events, which took place on June 11 and 12.

Debate on Leadership - At the intersection of cooperation and effect
On Thursday June 11, the Platform’s Academic Co-director Carsten Greve debated on leadership at the intersection of cooperation and effect. The event was organized by the Danish think thank Monday Morning. Alongside Carsten the panel consisted of amongst others Henrik Kolind, chairman of the Danish Local Government and CEO at Roskilde Municipality and Jens Qvesel from the Danish trade union Djøf.
Debate on Welfare - In search of the good patterns in the renewal of the welfare state
Friday morning June 12, Professor and PPP Co-director Carsten Greve was one of the experts in the Platform’s and Cevea’s event about new patterns in the welfare state. The other participants were Pia Gjellerup from Centre for Public Innovation (COI) and Kirsten Therkildsen, Mayor at Hedensted Municipality. The panel was confronted with ‘case stories’ from the front line and debated amongst others how practice must break with familiar understandings in order to mobilize and create value and better welfare.
Debate on Health - Should we be able to lease us better hospitals?
On Friday afternoon, the Platform participated in a debate on public-private partnering and innovation in the health sector. Carsten Greve was the moderator of an in-depth discussion on how Denmark can develop and facilitate better hospital services. The event was organized by Danish Regions and in the panel were amongst others Chairman of the trade union FOA, Dennis Kristensen and Chairman of the Regional Council of Region Zealand, Jens Stenbæk.
All the events had a good atmosphere and were great atteneded. The festival gave opportunity for the Platform to carry on the conversation with good relations and partners as well as to meet new interesting contacts. 

Read more about the activities at Folkemødet 2015.

Folkemødet 2014
Among the activities at this year’s festival the Platform hosted, as last year together with the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, an event on PPP. With the title ‘From Welfare to Export’, this year’s event asked how and if we by export can earn money on the Danish Welfare System? A unique demand for knowledge on the Danish model and solutions is raised from abroad—but which potentials do actually exist and how does the Public-Private agenda meet these potentials? 

The aim of the Platform’s engagement was to debate the Public-Private agenda, to engage in interesting dialogues with existing and/or future collaborators and not least to increase the awareness of the important societal solutions addressed through PPPs.

Read more about the Platforms activities at Folkemødet 2014.
Folkemødet 2013
Should the public be more private? This was the important question at CBS Public-Private Platform, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s event at this year’s Folkemødet where people gathered to either confirm or deny myths about public-private partnerships.

The CBS Public-Private Platform participated during the entire Folkemødet with the aim of network and knowledge sharing. Many interesting events took place, and during debates such as “presentation of the new Productivity Committee report” and “ How do we modernize the public sector” public-private relations were brought into the discussions.

Read more about the Platforms activities at Folkemødet 2013.


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