The CBS Public-Private Platform hosts and organises several events as public lectures, seminars and workshops throughout each year. Here you can find a selected extract of these events.

Public Lectures

Public Lecture by Darrell West

Author of the book 'Billionaires' Darrell West from the Brookings Institution – the world’s most influential think tank. Darrell held a public lecture on Wealth, Politics, and Democracy at CBS

Public Lecture with Professor John Alford

Professor John Alford gave a public lecture with the theme ‘The Challenge of Wicked Problems: Towards a Typology’


Public Lecture with Professor Philip Mirowski

Professor Philip Mirowski gave a public lecture on ‘Economists as the Prophets of the Information Economy: the Neoliberal Lowdown’ at CBS. 

Public Lecture with Professor John Alford

Professor John Alford gave a public lecture on  'Engaging Public Sector Clients: From Service-Delivery to Co-production'. The lecture was hosted by CBS Public-Private Platform.

Public Lecture with Joan Fujimura 

Professor Joan Fujimura gave a public lecture on 'An Unintended Consequence of Big Biology: How genomics is being used to reproduce U.S. race categories' which was a part of the Organizing Uncertainty Series. The lecture was hosted by the CBS Public-Private Platform and the CBS Department of Organization.

Public Lecture with Professor Bruno Latour & the AIME team

Professor Bruno Latour, Director of Research at Science Po in Paris gave together with the other members of the AIME team (Pierre-Laurent Boulanger, Christophe Leclercq, Patrice Maniglier, Donato Ricci and Pierre Jullian de la Fuente), a public lecture on the current project on the inquiry on Modes of Existence. The lecture was hosted by CBS Public-Private Platform.


Public Lecture with Professor Cass Sunstein

Professor Cass Sunstein from Harvard University gave a public lecture on 'Empirically Informed Regulation: Lessons from the White House' and afterwards he participated in a panel discussion with Acting Minister for the Environment Pia Olsen Dyhr, Director of Environmental Policy, Danish Industry, Karin Klitgaard.


Public Lecture with Professor Jan-Werner Müller 

Professor Jan-Werner Müller gave a public lecture which questioned; Safeguarding Democracy in Europe, or: Why We need a Copenhagen Commission. The lecture was organized by Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy & The CBS Public-Private Platform

Public Lecture with Professor Chantal Mouffe

Professor Chantal Mouffe gave a public lecture on her approaches to the concept of the Political, in particular in relationship to her ongoing engagement with the work of Carl Schmitt, antagonism, agonism, pluralism, liberalism, and the democratic. The lecture was hosted by the CBS Public-Private Platform and the centre-left think thank Cevea.

Public Lecture Series on Public Sphere, Crowd Sentiments and the Brain

Public Lecture Series at Copenhagen Business School. The lectures focused on Public Sphere, Crowd Sentiments and the Brain. The series was sponsored by the CBS Public-Private Platform

Public Lecture with Professor Barbara Czarniawska

Professor Barbara Czarniawska gave a public lecture on "In defence of management". The lecture was part of the lecture series "Organizing Uncertainty and was hosted by the Department of Organization and the Public-Private Platform.


Public Lecture with Professor Charles Perrow

Professor Charles Perrow from Yale University gave a lecture on 'Risk and denials: exploring energy risk possibilities and probabilities from 1945 to 2012'. The lecture was arranged by IOA in conjunction with the CBS Public-Private platform.

Public Lecture with Professor Sheila Jasanoff

Professor Sheila Jasanoff from Harvard University gave a public lecture on 'Cosmopolitan Knowledge for an Uncertain World'. The lecture was arranged by IOA in conjunction with the CBS Public-Private Platform

Public Lecture by Professor Richard Swedberg

Professor Richard Swedberg gave a public lecture on 'Organizing Uncertainty' which was part of the IOA Public Lecture Series. The lecture was hosted by IOA  in conjunction with the CBS Public-Private Platform.

Public Lecture by Professor Ian Hunter

Professor Ian Hunter from Queensland Australia presented a Public Lecture on “Cosmopolitan Metaphysics & Territorial Diplomacy - Kant & Vattel on International Justice”. The Lecture was sponsored by the Platform.



Reflection Seminar with Tom Bentley and Paul du Gay

Reflection Seminar with Tom Bentley and Paul du Gay with the theme: Whatever happened to Statecraft? The role of the state in an age of turbulence. 

Seminar with Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Roger Friedland 

Seminar where Roger Friedland presented some of his current work with John Mohr and Henk Roose titled “The Institutional Logics of Love: The Order of Passion in an Intimate Field”. The seminar was organized by Shifting forms of public governance cluster and CBS Public-Private Platform.

Reflection Seminar with Professor Karen Ashcraft

Reflection seminar on Occupational Identity with Karen Ashcraft marks the first event in the PPP LEAF cluster. The seminar was organized by member of the Public-Private Platform Associate Professor Sara Louise Muhr.

Festival of Research -  in Danish: Forskningens Døgn: Da algoritmer Gjorde det af med Højtråbende Børsmæglere

Seminar with focus on the algorithmic markets and high-frequency trading. Professor of Political Sociology Christian Borch - Head of Algo Quant, Nordea Markets Jonas Hansen and assistant Professor at the Institute of Management Ann-Christina Lange was the speakers of this seminar. 

Seminar on Behavioural Economics

The Behavioural Insights and Radical Innovation seminar held speakers such as  Professor Peter John from University College London - Mette Margrethe Elf, Head of Collective Impact, Realdania - Mikkel Brok-Kristensen, Business Anthropologist and Partner at Red and Jesper Christiansen, Program Manager and Anthropologist, MindLab. The seminar is arranged by PP Platform in collaboration with Christoph Burmester, an expert on the seminar topic


Reflection Seminar with Tom Bentley

Seminar where Professor Tom Bentley gave a thorough presentation of his experiences with reforming public sectors in the UK and Australia —especially with focus on the large scale changes within the US education system. The reflection seminar was hosted by the Public-Private Platform.
Public Seminar with Neil Fligstein

Seminar where Neil Fligstein from University of California, Berkeley, gave a public lecture on "The Transformation of Mortgage Finance and the Industrial Roots of the Mortgage Meltdown". The seminar was organized and sponsored by the CBS Public-Private Platform, Department of Business and Politics, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, and Centre for Business History.

Seminar on Contemporary Challenges to Government and Steering of Welfare States

Seminar that brought together scholars from a range of European universities and Business Schools to rethink social systems theory and its contribution to societal debate on the contemporary changes in welfare government and management. 

Festival of Research - in Danish: Forskningens Døgn 2014: Ind i Big Data-strømmen – og ud igen?

Seminar where  two experts from CBS Big Data Forum provided a number of suggestions on how specific objects and actions translate into big data analysis and visualization, and how to navigate in this data stream.

Seminar with Focus on Local Political Leadership - in Danish: Seminar med Spot på Kommunalpolitisk Lederskab

Because of the danish municipal elections 2013, the CBS Public-Private Platform and KORA held an after-work seminar, which focused on local political leadership.

Big Data Forum Seminar with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

The Big Data Forum held a seminar with Professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger from Oxford University. The seminar questioned: Why Big Data is a Big Thing – and Why Society Should Care?

Seminar on Public Private Partnerships and the Optimum Size of Government

Seminar where consultant and corporate director Larry Blain discussed the evolution of the market and the various success factors, and the benefits that PPP procurement has brought to Canada. The seminar was hosted by the CBS Public-Private Platform.

Open Seminar on the EU, the US, and Emerging Powers in Global Climate

Open seminar on climate politics in the EU, the US and Emerging Powers with Prospects for Progress in Global Climate Politics. The seminar was organized by CBS Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence together with the Public-Private Platform.

Festival of Research - in Danish: Forskningens Døgn 2013: Når Universiteter og Medicinalvirksomheder Samarbejder

In connection with the Festival of Research 2013 the CBS Public-Private Platform held a morning seminar on cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and universities.

Seminar Series Launched by a Platform Cluster

The cluster Shifting forms of public governance held a seminar series on idea-creation.

Seminar on the Effects of Public Partnerships Yields Good Hope for Furture Projects

The Public-Private Platform facilitated a seminar in the occasion of the launch of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s newest report on PPP evaluation. 

Seminar on ACTA and Public-Private Relations

The research initiative Internet Politics – funded by the CBS Public/Private Platform – held a seminar where Lise Fuhr (Director of The Danish Internet Forum) and Martin von Haller Grønbæk (IT lawyer) discussed the control and regulation of the internet. 


Workshop on Markets for Collective Concerns

Markets and Valuation Cluster hosted a workshop with a lineup of very remarkable scholars devoted to discuss the proliferation of markets that have been devised – not only to work economically – but also to solve key contemporary collective issues. 

Workshop on The Break-Up of Modern Management

The Workshop Break-Up Of Management at CBS raised questions about, how ethnography can help us break up (or break down) management and make sense of it as part of extended repertoire of materials, practices, discursivities and ideology

Workshop Investigates the Field of Administrative Ethnography

A collaborative workshop between the Public-Private Platform at Copenhagen Business School and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government. The workshop took place in Copenhagen and was organized by the Public-Private Platform. 

Workshop on Diversity and Difference in the Contemporary Workplace

The CBS Public-Private Platform and the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management held the workshop ”Diversity and Difference in the Contemporary Workplace”. 

DanTerm Bank Workshop about Eye-tracking-experiments

DanTermBank hosted a workshop on eye-tracking experiments. The project is funded by the Velux and the CBS Public-Private Platform. The aim of the project was to develop methods for automatic knowledge extraction, automatic construction and updating of ontologies.

Workshop on Urban Commons

This workshop set new light on how urban collectivety is composed, transformed and governed. The workshop was organized by the CBS Public-Private Platform cluster Urban Governance and sponsored by the platform

Workshop on "Making Things Valuable"

Department of Organization and the Department of Operations Management at Copenhagen Business School have organized a workshop on "Making Things Valuable".

International Public Management Scholars and PHDs Assemble for Workshop at CBS

A group of international public management scholars and PhDs assemble for workshop on Public Management and Governance.


Symposium on Transitions to Sustainability

The symposium Translations to Sustainability was held at Copenhagen Business School and was sponsored by the CBS Public-Private Platform in cooperation with the CBS Sustainability Platform.

OBHC 2014 Conference at CBS

The theme of the 9th International OBHC conference was on “When health policy meets every day practices”. The conference was hosted at Copenhagen Business School by CBS Public-Private Platform. At the workshop these two professors gave a keynote speak:

Conference with the Danish Internet Governance Forum 

The conference set focus on digitale business models, democracy, growth, governance and smart cities. CBS and the CBS Public-Private Platform was accommodating the event.

Conference on Corruption and Its Public Enemies

The CBS Public-Private Platform and the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (ICM) organized a two-day conference exploring the role of the private sector in the fight against corruption. 

Mini-Conference on Motivation, Management and Supply of Public Welfare - in Danish: Mini-konference om Motivation, Styring og Leverancen af Offentlig Velfærd

Managing and rules must largely be assessed on whether they actually create better public services, and not just on how employees in the public sector have experienced it. At this conference, a number of research that addresses these issues was disseminated.

Conference on Partnerships 2012

CBS hosted the conference Partnership2012 - Business + NGO . The conference took place at CBS and the Public-Private Platform was one of the sponsors behind the conference.

CBS-Sauder-Monash Conference on PPPs

The motivation behind the conference on PPP's was to share the knowledge about how projects is carried out all over the world and in quite various contexts. Among the participants there were experts from Australia, Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, United States and Canada. 

Co-Creating Conference

Assistant Professor Rex Degnegaard from CBS Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy and member of the Urban governance cluster held a Co-creation Conference together with Danish Design Association. 

Other activities 

The platform also engages in activities such as roundtable discussions and panel debates. Through the years different PhD projects has been connected to the theme of the platform and the platform's academic directors have supervised some of these. Find more about this and other activities here.

International Workshop on The Sociology of Speed

The CBS Public-Private Platform Co-director Paul du Gay gave the closing speech at the international workshop on The Sociology of Speed: Digital, Organizational and Social Temporalities. 

Contracting and Partnership Industry Conference

The CBS Public-Private Platform's Academic Co-director Carsten Greve Gave Keynote Presentation at the Contracting and Partnership Industry Conference. The Danish Economic and Development Conference 2015, emphasized the topics of outsourcing, and how this can be a good opportunity to put concepts and capabilities firmly in place. 

Platform Member Lene Tolstrup Christensen Wins Research Prize

PhD student at Department of Business and Politics and member of the PPP cluster of Public-private partnerships, procurement and outsourcing Lene Tolstrup Christensen won the prize for the best paper by a new researcher at the IRSPM 2015 conference.

PhD Course on Societal Constitutionalization: Law, Rights and Citizenship in an International Context 

In association with the CBS Public-Private Platform Poul F. Kjaer and Grahame Thompson from Department of Business and Politics launched a new PhD course within the framework of the Ph.D. School in Organisation and Management Studies. 

PhD Defence: PPPs and the Need, Development and Management of Trusting

PhD defence of Christiane Stelling's thesis: PPPs and the need, development and management of trusting: A processual and embedded exploration.

Third CBS-Sauder-Monash Conference on PPPs Took Place in Melbourne

The platforms academic director Carsten Greve participated in the third CBS-Sauder-Monash conference on public-private partnerships that took place in Melbourne.

Christina D. Tvarnø Presented on PPPs at Falck's Conference on Public-Private Relations

Professor WSR Christina Tvarnø and cluster facilitator at the PPP cluster of Public-Private Partnerships, Procurement and Outsourcing’ was one of the presenters at the Danish company Falck’s conference on public-private relations.

Carsten Greve Participated in an OECD Meeting on Public-Private Partnerships in Paris

The meeting was the 7th Annual Meeting of Senior PPP Officials. The participants were senior budget officials from OECD member countries, including central government PPP units in Canada, France, Korea, Russia and United Kingdom. 

Platform Member Niels Thyge Thygesen, in Centre for Public Innovation Innovation-Panel - in Danish: Platformmedlem Niels Thyge Thygesen i Center for Offentlige Innovations Innovationspanel

Platform Member Niels Thyge Thygesen, in Centre for Public Innovation Innovation-Panel. The panel members are responsible, individually, and in subgroups to contribute to the Centre for Public Innovation work and tasks.

Cluster Facilitator Mikkel Flyverbom Gave Presentation at an Expert Workshop in Washington

Cluster facilitator at the Internet Business and Society cluster and Associate Professor Mikkel Flyverbom gave a presentation at the by-invitation expert workshop ‘The Role of Advocacy in Media and Telecom Policy’ held in Washington.

Associate Professor and Cluster Faciliator Mikkel Flyverbom as Moderator at the Internet Day 2012

Associate Professor and Cluster Facilitator for the PPP cluster “Internet, Business and Society” Mikkel Flyverbom was moderator on one of the sections panel debate at the internet day 2012. The panel debate had a focus on “Internet Governance – from full independence to governing body?”

Platform Director Carsten Greve Delivered a Presentation in the Context of the Danish Presidency of the EU

Platform Director Carsten Greve delivered a presentation for European civil servants in the context of the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The talk was titled "Ideas and Reforms in Public Management and Administration". The target audience was members of the European Public Administration Network's (EUPAN) and Innovative Public Services Group (IPSG). 

Paul Du Gay as Plenary Speaker at the Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference

Platform Director Paul du Gay talked as plenary speaker at the Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference. The event involved participants in the Public-Private Platform research project ‘The Stateless State? Re-thinking state/ society relations in an era of ‘network’ governance’. 


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