Each year the Public-Private Platform hosts its distinctive event 'Collaboratory'. The event welcomes prominent guests and participants from the public, private and third sector and addresses key themes within the public-private agenda. The first Collaboratory took place in 2012 and during the years national and internationally renown speakers as Ida Auken, former Danish Minister for the Environment, David Halpern, Director of the no10/Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team and Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Nesta have given keynote speaks at the conference. Here you can find output and achievements from the different Collaboratory events.

Collaboratory 2015
This year the theme of investigation in the Collaboratory is Infrastructures. Infrastructures are a key theme for public-private collaborations. Infrastructures are one of the main matters of concern in debates about the digital societal agenda, urban governance (e.g. smart cities), the creation of new markets (for green energy, for instance), economic growth (ICT infrastructures) and other domains of public-private partnerships.
October 1:Data and Digital Infrastructures
‘Big Data’ and related developments made possible by digital technologies figure prominently in discussions about the future of business, governance and societal transformation. This half-day workshop explores the roll-out of infrastructural projects, regulatory reforms and business development in this area. Bringing together speakers from public institutions, the corporate sector and academia, the workshop focuses on data and digital infrastructures that may facilitate datadriven economic development, innovative business models, solid stakeholder relations and sustainable data-sharing practices.
October 2: Financial Infrastructures
In recent years, the technological developments within the financial sector have been the topic of many debates. Practices like algorithmic trading and especially high-frequency trading as well as the automatization of trading venues have changed the way financial markets operate and has consequences for their regulatory practices. This part of the Collaboratory presents leading academic, regulatory bodies and industry experts to shed light on the current state of financial infrastructures and their digitalization. Issues like accountability, risk and control systems in relation to these new practices will be discussed.
More information and sign up will follow very soon.
Collaboratory 2014
This year's Collaboratory was centred around the Platform's core focus area, namely partnerships between the public and private sectors. Two events were held in September, where a number of key stakeholders – business leaders, politicians, managers, intellectuals and citizens – came together to exchange views and discuss approaches and possible solutions to these issues. The Collaboratory 2014 focused on the partnership model, and it was based on two themes spread over two days. One theme concerned a new suggestion for a concrete PPP law in Denmark, posed by Professor and Platform Director Carsten Greve and Professor (MSO) Christina Tvarnø, while the other theme was management of partnerships in practice. Read more about the themes and their focus (in danish) at our website. 

On September 29, 2014, the Collaboratory started with a presentation of the new PPP law by Christina Tvarnø, Professor at CBS. She raised arguments for and discussed how and whether an actual PPP law can provide a better framework for working with PPP. Among the event's further keynotes were Director of Business Development, Analysis, Public Affairs and CSR in Pension Denmark, Jens-Christian Stougaard, and from SKI Department of Law and CSR, Anja Piening, and procurement lawyer Sandie Nielsen.        

On September 30, Professor at the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) Gary Sturges gave a presentation on the public service economy where he also highlighted the importance of the right conditions for the economy and service delivery. Besides that, Philips Healthcare's partnership strategy was presented by Jens Ole Pedersen Business Development Manager at Philips Healthcare. Afterwards the Danish Whole Grain Partnership strategy was presented by Rikke Iben Neess, Campaign Manager at the Danish Whole Grain Partnership. Following this, Jacob Urup Nielsen, Urban Development Consultant at City of Copenhagen gave a presentation on the new Partnership Strategy of Copenhagen Municipality. PhD Christiane Stelling finished the day with tales from her Ph.D. work on the trust in PPP partnerships. 

Download the presentations from both conference days.
Collaboratory 2013
The Collaboratory Week 2013 took a number of forms, from seminars, to public lectures and roundtable discussions. 
On May 22, 2013, the notable Professor Rod Rhodes gave a public lecture on “Political Anthropology and Civil Service Reform”. Watch the video. And download the presentation.
On May 23 leading authority on innovation and creativity Charles Leadbeater gave a public lecture on ‘systems, empathy and public service’. Drawing on his own field work and consultancy in innovation within the public sector Leadbeater elaborated on the balance between society’s desire for people’s freedom and the parallel need and care for public outcomes. Watch the video with Q&A.
On May 24, the last Collaboratory Week event presented Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Nesta, the UK's National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts. Mulgan addressed the question of what relation it brought to systems and to system changes, asking: Do we need to change our mind-sets to cope with current challenges, instead of only changing models? And if how can we crystallize this? Watch a video where he elaborates on this matter.
Read more about the background of the event, keynotes and programme at this website.
Collaboratory 2012
In 2012 the Collaboratory took the form of a two-day conference, facilitated by MindLab. Speakers during the conference were the following:
David Halpern, Director of the No10/Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team, gave a speech on 'Applying behavioural insights to policy' at CBS Public-Private Platform Collaboratory in May 2012. Here, he sums up the important points of his speech. Watch the video.
Tom Bentley, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Australian Premier Minister Julia Gillard and former director of DEMOS, gave a speech on 'Creating long term change in contested political environments' at CBS Public-Private Platform Collaboratory in May 2012. Here, he sums up the important points of his speech. Watch the video.
Christian Bason, Director of Innovation at MindLab, gave a speech on 'Leading Public Design' at CBS Public-Private Platform Collaboratory in May 2012. Here, he sums up the important points of his speech. Watch the video.
Katie Schmuecker, Associate Director at Institute for Public Policy Research North gave a speech on 'Governing the local level in a period of Austerity and the Big Society' at CBS Public-Private Platform Collaboratory in May 2012. Here, she sums up the important points of his speech. Watch the video.
Read more about the background of the event, keynotes and programme a our website.


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