From a Bachelor of Science to an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics, CBS aims to continuously support the needed flow of competencies to the global maritime business community.


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Foto: Tao Lytzen

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in International Shipping and Trade
The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in International Shipping and Trade has been developed in collaboration with Danish shipping companies and the Danish Shipowners' Association and has close exchange partnership with Singapore Management University (SMU) and Texas A&M University in Galveston. It is a 3-years academic study program providing students analytical skills and competencies within business economics as well as tailored courses in maritime economics, maritime law, and maritime logistics and supply chain management. The program was offered at CBS for the first time in September, 2014.
Minor in Maritime Business
The Minor in Maritime Business (Link to CBS student intranet e-campus) at the Master of Science (M.Sc.) study program in Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc) gives students the option of complementing their business economics skills and competencies with deep knowledge of the global shipping industry and the workings of international maritime logistics and trade. The Minor is a collection of three courses: 1) "Developments in International Shipping", 2) "Global Transportation and Maritime Logistics", and 3) "Management of Maritime Operations within Supply Chains". It has been offered every fall since 2012.
The Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics
The Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics is a flagship among the maritime educations at CBS. Participants come from all segments of the maritime industry and during the program they obtain practical and analytical skills and competencies within international economics and business, operations management, supply chain management, finance and risk management, and strategy.
Other Maritime Courses at CBS 
Other maritime M.Sc. courses being offered at CBS are: "Financial Risk Management in Shipping", "Creating and Capturing Value in Global Maritime Markets", and "Legal and Economic Risk Management in the Shipping Sector"
CBS Shipping Student Network
CBS Shipping is a student network established with the aim of bringing CBS students closer to the global maritime industry. It is a student initiative to increase the interest and knowledge about the global shipping industry in primarily the Nordic region. The network publishes a monthly newsletter and hosts shipping-related events and thus shares knowledge about the global maritime industry.For more information follow the group on Facebook, Twitter or write an e-mail to info@cbsshipping.com


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