The activities are managed by a Director and a Co-director, who are responsible for the development of CBS Maritime, supported by a Project Manager and a Steering Committee established with the aim of coordinating all activities within the maritime area. Together with input from the Advisory Board representing maritime stakeholders across Northern Europe, CBS Maritime is continuously seeking to develop maritime research and teaching activities at CBS.


CBS Maritime directors



Director Henrik Sornn-Friese
Associate Professor
T: +45 3815 2932


Co-director Leonardo Santiago
Associate Professor
T: +45 3815 2442


Hanna Vagsheyg

Hanna Vágsheyg

Project Manager

T: +45 3815 2958




Steering Comittee
The Steering Committee represents key maritime interests at CBS and, in addition to the Director and the Co-director, consists of the Associate Dean and the Program Director of the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics, the Coordinator of the Minor in Maritime Business, the Academic Director of the B.Sc. program in International Shipping and Trade, as well as a Research Advisor from the Research Dean's office.


Henrik Sornn-Friese
Associate Professor

T: 3815 2932

Leonardo Santiago
Associate Professor

T: 3815 2442


Carsten Ørts Hansen
Head of Department for the Department of Operations Management
Representative for Head of Departments

T: 3815 2483

Bent Petersen
Associate Dean of the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics
T: 3815 2510

Irene Rosberg
Program Director of the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics
T: 3815 3355
Martin Jes Iversen
Associate professor
Academic Director of the B.Sc. in International Shipping and Trade
T: 3815 2185

Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz
Research Advisor for the Dean of Research
T: 3815 2224

Britta Gammelgaard
Coordinator of the Minor in Maritime Business
T: 3815 2894
Advisory Board

The advisory board reflects the international and interdisciplinary scope of research and teaching carried out in connection to CBS Maritime and has representatives from the maritime sector as well as from academia. The advisory board meets with participants on a regular basis to discuss and motivate ongoing maritime research and teaching, assess new ideas and observe the progress and results of the maritime activities at CBS so as to continuously improve quality.


  1. Bo Cerup-Simonsen, Director, Centre for Oil and Gas, Technical University of Denmark (Chairman of the CBS Maritime Advisory Board)
  2. Andreas Nordseth, Director General, Danish Maritime Authority
  3. Knud Pontoppidan, Chairman of the Board Nordic Shipholding
  4. Anne Windfeldt Trolle, Executive Director (Employment Conditions, Recruitment and Training), Danish Shipowners' Association
  5. Max Johns, President and CEO, German Shipowners’ Association (Verband Deutscher Reeder)
  6. Jenny N. Braat, Managing Director, Danish Maritime
  7. Michael Svane, CEO, Federation of Danish Transport
  8. Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO
  9. Niels Tolstrup, Director (Business development), Blue Water Shipping
  10. Lars Karlsson, Senior Advisor, PortHow, and former President and CEO of Copenhagen-Malmö Port (CMP), Chairman of Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S (Greenland)
  11. Stig Tenold, Professor in Maritime Economics and History, Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen


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