Responsibility at CBS. Developing current and future leaders of businesses and society entails living up to international standards such as the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The six PRME principles constitute the foundation for the work we do on responsible management education.

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CBS PRME Report 2017
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PRME Ministers

Responsibility at CBS

CBS is a pioneer in embedding UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and is currently reviewing everything we do through this lens. The ambition is to make responsible management education an integral part of our core activities both in research and education while leading by example through our own organisational practices in delivering our services. 

Our responsibility as PRME Champion

Our membership of the Champions Group is an acknowledgement that reflects CBS’ commitment and contribution to the PRME initiative. It is with great pride that we have taken on the responsibility that accompanies being a PRME Champion school by further exploring and developing responsible management education. We have since engaged actively with UN agencies to strengthen our partnerships with UN Global Compact (UNGC) signatories and PRME schools, which has led to various projects within curriculum development and other PRME activities. CBS was, once again, represented at the UNGC Summit in New York in 2016. We engaged actively with the UNGC network, in particular the Danish network, to help strengthen the collaboration between our business school and different industries.

1st principle

“As a student assistant at CBS PRME, the 1st UN PRME principle, ‘Purpose’, has the most meaning to me. Developing the capabilities of students as future leaders of sustainable and responsible business is the most important thing. I want my school to prepare me for the world I will live and work in, and teach me to sustain our global economy.” - Grace Livingstone

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