Mission & Vision



CBS has a particular responsibility to bring knowledge and new thinking to companies and organizations, to the next generation of business leaders and to society as a whole. Our major contribution takes the form of research and research-based education. We have an obligation to educate both young and experienced people for the business world and for society by providing them with a sound basis of knowledge and insights from the latest international research for the purpose of value creation and sustainable development.



CBS aims to become a world-leading business university that recognizes the vital role of business and the public sector in shaping society - and the equally important manner in which business practices and processes are shaped by society. The core of our future development is to train students to contribute innovation and entrepreneurship to high-level employment and create research which is both academically excellent and significantly contributes to finding new answers to societal challenges. The precondition is an attractive, responsible and engaging workplace that involves employees, students, a high international standard in everything we do, and an organization that has the capacity to integrate and co-create with the surrounding society.

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