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We invite your company to interact with CBS in order to support development of the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of sustainability and social responsibility.

At CBS we value and cultivate our connections with external businesses. Interacting with you constitutes an important practical supplement to the more theoretical nature of education, and provides a mutual opportunity to establish unique relations and explore future possibilities.

Especially within the area of sustainability and social responsibility we see a great relevancy to foster this interaction in order to educate responsible managers as well as providing you as modern organisations with relevant knowledge that challenge and develop the organisation.


Responsibility Day
CBS Responsibility Day is an annual event for all 1st semester undergraduates that aims to increase awareness of responsible management and to give students real-life examples of responsible management.

Companies have the opportunity to sponsor lunch or prizes during the day. As a sponsor you will be exposed to almost 3000 students by supporting a non-profit event that puts responsibility on the agenda of future generations.

For more information vist the Responsibility Day website or contact the Responsibility Day Coordinators at

Industry Competency Project

In 2016-2017 PRME Champions embarked upon a broad range of advanced tasks and game-changing projects in response to systemic challenges faced by the PRME community. A forum aimed at forging closer ties between academia and business was held with PRME Champions and UN Global Compact (UNGC) LEAD companies in 2015. One outcome of the forum was an acknowledgement of a potential gap between graduate competencies and the competencies UNGC signatories need in order to meet the common objectives of the 10 shared principles and address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Following this speculation the CBS PRME Office launched the Industry Competency Project with the aim of trying to ascertain whether a gap indeed exists between graduate competencies and those needed to address future global challenges. After an initial pilot survey conducted in 2016, we are currently working with CBS researchers and industry partners to develop a revised strategy. The objective of this project is to gain an understanding of what competencies companies look for in graduates and whether these also include what is needed to meet the requirements of the UNGC 10 principles and the focus on the SDGs.

If your organization wants to take part in this exciting initiative please contact: 

Martiina Srkoc, Head of Section
Phone: +45 38154278



Got any ideas for us?
You are very welcome to contact us with ideas or suggestions for development of existing activities, or if you have already been involved you can share you story and inspire others on the website.

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