Assistant Professors Programme

An academic development programme aimed at junior faculty and external lecturers.


The financial crisis and extensive corporate scandals during the past decade have raised serious questions about whether a business school education contributes to a culture of excessive greed. Critics such as Henry Mintzberg and Sumantra Goshal have argued that irresponsible behavior by managers does not happen in spite of the best efforts of management educators such as ourselves, but actually as a direct consequence of both what we teach and how we teach it.

In response to this assessment, CBS has launched a one-day Academic Development Program aimed at junior faculty and external lecturers.

The program will help you understand to what degree responsible management education is already implicit in your own teaching. You will reflect upon your view of responsible management education and explore how to make these practices more explicit in your own teaching. The program does not prescribe any single interpretation of what responsible management education means. Instead, each participant is invited to develop her or his own perspective. We fully expect that this will result in different interpretations of what constitutes either responsible or irresponsible management education.

This programme is primarily aimed at CBS faculty. It has run five times since 2014 with the majority of participants coming from The Department of Economics, Department of International Business Communication and Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics. As of 2015, this programme has also been opened up to include other business schools and is aimed at people with little to no previous exposure to responsible management education. Faculty, administrators and other persons involved with PRME implementation, should sign up for the “Launching and Implementing a Responsible Management Education Programme”.

For more information on the “Launching and Implementing a Responsible Management Education Programme, please follow this link: ttps://

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