Advances in the Study of Corporate Networks

Torsdag, 17 maj, 2018 - 12:00 to Fredag, 18 maj, 2018 - 12:00

Wealth, income and assets are embedded within, and moves across, complex networks. To understand global and national dynamics of inequality, we need to more fully understand their distribution in “corporate networks” that span the globe. This requires innovative methods and new uses of data.

Over the past century a rich research tradition has emerged specializing in the study of corporate networks. Corporate networks encompass interlocking directorates, ownership ties between firms and individuals, exchange and partnership networks among firms, wealth storage in ever more complex corporate structures, and much more. Historically, the structural analysis of these networks have informed research ranging from critical scholarship on corporate elites and transnational capitalist class formation to literatures on firm behavior in corporate strategy and management, economics, organization studies, and economic sociology.

Since then, national and international database based on administrative registers and digital traces have become available, revealing high-quality information about the multiple linkages among firms, individuals, assets, and much more, across time and space. A significant development is that detailed temporal data on the dynamics of these linkages have become available. Equally important, efficient computational techniques for modeling the complex dynamics of these multiple linkages have come to fore. This enables researchers to inquire hitherto unexplored associations between corporate network structures and well-known phenomenon such as market power, inequality and mobility. Our ambition in this workshop is to advance the study of corporate networks by inviting researchers from different disciplines, leveraging these novel data and techniques in order to uncover hitherto unexplored aspects of how corporate networks work.

The purpose of this workshop is to advance research on what we broadly term “corporate networks” by bringing together researchers from different disciplines and empirical fields to present their most recent results. 

The workshop has a limited number of open seats to the public. Please contact Kira Storgaard Hansen if you wish to participate in one or both days. 

Co-funded by the Independent Danish Research Council, the Inequality Platform, the Department of Business and Politics, and the Department of International Economics and Management
Organizers: Lasse Folke Henriksen, Eelke Heemskerk and Thomas Poulsen

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