The Robot Project: Amazon, AI and the future of society

Organized by CBS' platform for Lifelong Learning: A series of two workshops that feed into a professional, evidence-based theater play

Onsdag, 18 november, 2020 - 15:00 to Torsdag, 19 november, 2020 - 19:00


18 and 19 November from 15.00 - 19.00 at CBS

Artificial intelligence is already well underway to revolutionize the way we live and understand ourselves as human beings. But what happens to our understanding of the world, our lives, organizations and businesses as society embraces new technologies like predictive analytics, big data and smart environments?

Join us this fall at CBS in collaboration with Tech DK for an exploration of the future scenarios in the face of AI and its challenges and opportunities. Taking Amazon as a case, we will use scenario analysis to discuss the fundamental dilemmas connected to AI and the impact that the rumored entrance of the e-commerce giant in Scandinavia is likely to have on the Danish market.  What consequences will this have for consumers, workers, entrepreneurs and businesses? And what happens to households, when Alexa enters our homes?

The project is a collaboration with Stages of Science, an award-winning, cross-disciplinary organization working with an evidence-based, innovative combination of participatory art and cognitive science. Through a variety of scientific perspectives, Stages of Science investigates large complex psychological and social challenges. The workshops will be used by Stages of Science as input for their stage performance “The Robot Project”, which premieres in Aalborg Theatre in March 2021.

This project is a pilot on CBS’ emerging platform for lifelong learning. It explores how to create a transformative, intergenerational learning space, in which urgent societal questions and challenges are discussed.
There is a limited number of spots and participants will be selected. Please be sure to sign up as soon as possible and latest by 11 October, after which participants will be selected. Participation is free but it is expected you are able to attend both workshops.

For more information or questions please contact Charlotte Cator.

What: Two workshops discussing the future of AI and digital technologies, taking Amazon as a case

When: 18 and 19 November from 15.00 - 19.00 (light snacks provided)

Where: Ks48, Kilevej 14 A/B

Who: Anyone interested in the topic, no prior knowledge about AI needed; participants from various professional backgrounds and age groups are welcome.


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