BioBusiness and Innovation Platform – BBIP

BBIP is a platform for learning the skills required to translate life science into entrepreneurship and business. The learning opportunities offered from this platform include a master’s degree, single courses at master’s and PhD levels, and a minor consisting of three key courses from the master’s program.

All learning from the platform of BBIP is based on four principles:

  • building skills to boost the career potentials of our students, enabling them to offer significant contributions to bio-based entrepreneurship and new business in Denmark and abroad
  • focusing on bioscience regarding its specific challenges of commercialisation
  • collaborating closely with the Danish bio-industry (pharma, industrial bio and related segments) in targeting, developing, and carrying out teaching
  • creating a truly international learning environment in terms of student intake,  faculty, core topics and study experience

BBIP offers Denmark's first university degree and academic courses bridging business and biotech.  BBIP is a cooperation between Copenhagen Business School (CBS), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU Systems Biology) and University of Copenhagen (KU). In BBIP the three universities work closely together with leading life science firms in Denmark.

BBIP Faculty

The BBIP faculty includes both academic staff from CBS and experts from industry. BBIP courses in 2018:


In this course, the factors that shape opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship and their business implications are examined.


The course provides an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of biobusiness market and to develop insights into legal contracting work.


The finance part of the course deals with issues in forecasting and planning cash flows, the calculation of present and real option values of projects, relationships to Venture Capital and Stock markets and how to secure funding for start-ups. Other course components include the development of management accounting, control and incentives, cost accounting and budgeting.


In this course, CBS and life science students work together  to develop a business plan to commercialise an invention. The course trains in bridging science and business, and in translating biotech innovations into commercial terms. Students gain experience in developing real product and business strategies, which are then submitted as entrepreneurial ventures to the Venture Cup Idea Competition.

Degrees and courses offered by BBIP

Master in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship (open for students with a bachelor degree in biology/biotechnology)

BBIP Entrepreneurship Project (master level): Bio- and business master students collaborate on projects to develop a business plan for a bio-startup

BBIP PhD project: Bio PhD students collaborate with business students to develop a business plan for an innovation emerging from the research environment of the bio PhD student (this course is under development)

Minor in Bioentrepreneurship: a concentration of three courses from the master’s program (open for business master students)

Elective courses (open for business master students)

Endorsements from industry

“The BioBusiness and Innovation Program will definitely ease the competency gap around new business development within larger biotech companies. Entrepreneurship and the skill of translating biotech concepts into commercial terms are one of the most critical competencies being developed via Novozymes’ internal education programs as it will gear the organization at all levels to realize the economic potential of our technology platform.”
Thomas Lykke Sørensen, Front End Champion, Novozymes A/S

“Getting from innovation to cash is a difficult task that has been extensively studied by BCG. In order to be successful in the knowledge-driven biotech industry, entrepreneurs need to combine business smarts with an in-depth understanding of the underlying science. BCG is pleased to support the BioBusiness and Innovation Program, which will facilitate the process of converting innovations into successful business and cash.”
Bent Hansen, Partner and Managing Director, BCG Copenhagen

”BBIP is a great initiative to cover a great need in the biotech industry. In biotech you work with very knowledge intensive things, and the biotech companies only have limited number of employees. These employees therefore have to master technology and science on a very high level and at the same time have business know-how, to make sure that the company makes money. It therefore demands specific knowledge about the complex biotech industry to master it".
Kirsten Drejer, CEO, Symphogen


Industry partners



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