Guests and workshops in the first semester at the Difference and Diversity Platform


The first semester at the BiS Platform Difference and Diversity has included a multitude of activities. See how the researchers are working:


The platform has had the pleasure of welcoming several guests this semester at inspirational workshops and seminars: Meredith Marra (Victoria University of Wellington), Makiko Deguchi (Sophia University, Tokyo), Laura Guillen (ESMT, Berlin) and Tomas Pernecky (Auckland University of Technology).
And as an example of a workshop, see this:


(Per)formative diversity: Critiques, struggles, possibilities

On May 8-9, 2018 the platform hosted a two-day intensive workshop, targeted on engaging critically and constructively with phenomena of organizations’ diversity practices. Around 30 people from all over the world such as the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands and France participated in the workshop. 
Martin Parker from University of Leicester and Joëlle Cruz from University of Colorado were the keynote speakers at the workshop. 
The workshop participants critically reflected and raised questions about theorization of (per)formative diversity, possibilities for translating critical diversity theories into organizational practice, the use of critique of mainstream diversity management to trigger organizational change, and how to push beyond the deadlock of performativity/non-performativity in diversity research.

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