Research Funding Awarded to Associate Professor Jesper Clement

Successful research funding for FOODLAND project


Jesper Clement, Associate Professor of marketing in the Department of Marketing, has received successfully research funding for a recent EU research application. His project is called FOODLAND and aims to enhance the diversity of healthy local food production and consumption in six African countries. The consortium behind the research application holds around 30 universities/companies and is managed by Bologna University. Dr. Clement’s role (together with Research Assistant, PHD Seidi Suurmets) is to investigate consumers’ visual attention to healthy food products and their packaging design. The field work will take place from fall 2020 until fall 2023, and the budget for this work package is around DKK 2 million.


Associate Professor Jesper Clement & PHD Seidi Suurmets


Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 25/01/2024